Hartmann JPE

Hartmann: Piano Works Volume 5 (Danacord)

Trondhjem continues exploring the pleasant piano music of this long-lived Dane [RCh]

jensen legacy danacord

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol. 20 (Danacord)

Holmboe’s Seventh Symphony heads a varied and packed historic Danacord twofer [JW]

Thomas Jensen Legacy v19 Danacord DACOCD929

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol 19 (Danacord)

Broadcasts of Nielsen concertos from unfamiliar soloists head a variety-packed twofer [JW]

Hartmann pianovol5 DACOCD968

Hartmann: Piano Works Vol. 5 (Danacord)

Danish romantic piano music, full of interest, gives much pleasure [JF]

Hartmann piano DACOCD950

Hartmann: Piano Works vol. 4 (Danacord)

This specialist-market disc will appeal to enthusiasts of Danish music and romanticism [JF]