The Charles A Hooey Collection

charles hooey collection

Charles A. Hooey wrote extensively about singers, recordings and music of the 1920s and 1930s for MusicWeb International and numerous print magazines, such as The Record CollectorThe Hillandale News and the journals of the Elgar Society and the British Music Society.

Charles passed away on October 2, 2013.

MWI is pleased to provide online access to these articles. The author wishes to acknowledge the encouragement and help of Larry Lustig in the writing of these articles.

The complete collection is available at the MWI Archive. Please note that this set of articles was published pre-2013, when MWI changed to its white background format, and as a consequence, the appearance of the earlier layout (cream & pink) was affected.

It is the intention to gradually migrate the Hooey collection across to the new site – the contents list below reflects those articles which have been brought out over to the new site.


Ettore Bastianini (baritone, 1922-1967)

(by Christian Springer)

Sir Thomas Beecham (conductor, 1879-1961)

Beecham’s lonely ElijahBeecham’s triumph in absentia

Richard Bonelli (baritone, 1889-1980)

1915-1925 1926-1932
1933-1939 1940-1952
Opera Broadcasts & RolesDiscography & Film
(by Wayne Conner)
A Survey of Recordings
(by Alan Bilgora)

Philip Brozel (tenor, 1866-1927)

Proms Appearances

Eugene Conley (tenor, 1908-1981)

1940-1949 ~ 1950-1975
DiscographyOpera Roles

Ernst Denhof (impresario)