Richard Hanlon

room trios chandos

A Room of Her Own (Chandos)

A handful of unfailingly accomplished, virtually unknown trios, in handsome performances and ideal sound [RHa]

Gold alluvial HCR32

Devenish & James: Alluvial Gold (Huddersfield Contemporary Records)

Immersive, colourful, ecologically compelling fare [RHa]

smith dark flower redshift

Smith: Dark Flower (Redshift)

The magnificent quintet which gives this exceptional release its title is a must; the couplings are hardly less compelling [RHa]

The Brodsky Album (IBS Classical)

A niche issue which disappoints on a number of levels [RHa]

jones concertos bmop

S Jones: Three Concertos (BMOP/sound)

A warm welcome to a trio of Samuel Jones’ finely wrought concertos [RHa]

Ruby Hughes (soprano): End of My Days (BIS)

An outstanding recital; elegantly conceived, ideally recorded and beautifully performed [RHa]

Cage: Music for Three, Music for One (CAvi-Music)

Cage’s ‘thing’ advocated by three superb musicians, in sympathetic sonics [RHa]

Bedford In the Voices of the Living NMC D272

Bedford: In the Voices of the Living (NMC)

Bedford’s music is adventurous, exciting, humane and quite devoid of blandness or the easy option. Terrific performances and sonics [RHa]

Nature broman ABCD473 1

Recharged by Nature – Contemporary Nordic Works (Alba)

Two magnificent, distinctively folk-tinged concertos are vividly brought to life [RHa]

Jacobssohn fields LWC1267

Ewa Jacobsson: Hearbaricum Fields (Lawo)

The audio for a pair of audio-visual projects, one distinctive, the other less so [RHa]

Corradini canzonas 96191

Corradini: Canzonas & Sonatas (Brilliant Classics)

A splendid calling card for a largely forgotten Cremonese master [RHa]

Maderna Venetian Journal Bonolis Dynamic CDS8008

Maderna: Serenata per un satellite & other works (Dynamic)

An important Maderna monograph seems to fill some gaps in the catalogue. One for the specialist, however, rather than the general listener [RHa]

purnima cantaloupe singh

Rakhi Singh (violin): Purnima (Cantaloupe)

Rakhi Singh’s exceptional playing and arranging skills in an exhilarating transatlantic contemporary violin recital [RHa]

Kuusisto sym BIS2747

Kuusisto: Symphony (BIS)

Two remarkably cogent pieces, each composed by more than one hand [RHa]

Hellstenius Past and Presence LAWO LWC1229

Hellstenius: Past & Presence (Lawo Classics)

A compelling concerto is the standout from this splendidly performed and recorded monograph [RHa]

blackburn ordo neuma

Blackburn: Ordo (Neuma Records)

Not everything works here, but so much of this music is colourful, affirmative, original and incontrovertibly beautiful [RHa]

Decker ornen AR052

Decker: Ørnen 1897 (Antarctica Records)

An unusual and attractive work inspired by an obscure and ill-fated Swedish attempt on the North Pole [RHa]

Dusman Flashpoint Neuma 149

Dusman: Flashpoint (Neuma Records)

A varied selection of instrumental, chamber and ensemble works from a quietly accomplished if little-known figure [RHa]

cieslak niepodlega acte prealable

Cieślak: Niepodległa (Acte Préalable)

Despite adventurous music for the chorus, Cieślak’s earnest oratorio is confrontational and somewhat gloomy [RHa]

Egilsson & Pálsson: Skjálfti (Quake) (Sono Luminus)

An imaginative expansion on a soundtrack created for a little-known Icelandic movie, but try before you buy [RHa]

santillan symphonies da vinci

Santillán: Symphonies (Da Vinci Classics)

Oscillates between dissonant folk-inflected modernism and schmaltz; neither approach works [RHa]

dlugoszewski abyss caress col legno

Dlugoszewski: Abyss and Caress (Col Legno)

The effervescent and truly original work of a forgotten maverick in ideal performances  [RHa]

scheller grain acte prealable

Scheller: Dead Grain (Acte Préalable)

Cold, creepy, crepuscular and clever – Scheller’s eerie sounds slither delightfully under the skin [RHa]