Lutyens piano3 RES10331

Lutyens: Piano Music Vol 3 (Resonus)

Another enlightening exploration of a broad range of Elisabeth Lutyens’s piano music [JF]

winter breviary RES10328

A Winter Breviary – Choral Works for Christmas (Resonus Classics)

A stimulating collection of new Christmas music, immaculately performed [JQ]

Christmas from the Chapel Royal (Resonus)

A fine all-male choir in an unusual, well-balanced programme to suit a wide variety of tastes [GH]

Byrd: Keyboard works (Resonus)

A worthy 400th anniversary tribute [SG]

Smyth: Der Wald (Resonus)

The first recording of Ethel Smyth’s Der Wald is severely underwhelming [JW]

Maconchy & Vaughan Williams: Songs Vol. 2 (Resonus)

Another great opportunity to explore fine vocal music [JF]

VW songs RES10299

Vaughan Williams & Maconchy: Songs – Vol 1 (Resonus)

A wonderful opportunity to explore fine vocal music [JF]

Schubert: The Complete String Trios (Resonus)

Domestic music from Schubert and Purcell played with quiet magic [DMD]

Roman To the Northern Star Resonus RES10316

Roman: Vocal and Chamber Music (Resonus Classics)

Splendid performances of vocal and chamber music by the main composer of the Swedish Baroque [JV]

Harrison chamber RES10313

Harrison: Chamber Works (Resonus)

Chamber music pastures tilled by a little-known British melodist [RB]

Vaughan Williams: Chamber Works (Resonus)

Attractive rarities, including an unstoppable performance of the Old 104th Fantasia [EJW]

Lutyens Piano Jones Resonus RES10306

Lutyens: Piano Works Vol. 2 (Resonus Classics)

Another chance to discover little known works by a significant but often derided figure of twentieth century British music [GH]

Lutyens: Piano Music Vol. 2 (Resonus)

Jones strikes gold again [DMD]