Michael Greenhalgh

chopin fou pristine

Chopin: Piano Works (Pristine Audio)

Fou’s artistry and expressiveness shows no dimunition in these late, live recordings excellently remastered by Pristine [MG]

Mozart: Symphonies 9, 14, 20 & 24 (Genuin)

Not everything gels perfectly, but when it does Klumpp impressively catches Mozart’s sense of adventure in a whole new world [MG]

Mozart, Brahms: Clarinet Quintets (Tudor)

(Déjà Review) Beautifully played orthodox performances of a cultivated homogeneity [MG]

Beethoven sym3 CCSSA46524SACD

Beethoven: Symphony No 3 (Channel Classics)

Fischer balances the suavely light and the resiliently heroic [MG]

Schumann Symphs 1 and 2 de Vriend Challenge CC79258

Schumann: Symphonies Nos 1 & 2 (Challenge Classics)

Mettlesome accounts, sometimes less smooth and sophisticated than Herreweghe’s, but a radiant slow movement of No. 2 [MG]

Mozart vol9 CHAN20286

Mozart: Piano Concertos – Vol. 9 (Chandos)

Bavouzet and Takács-Nagy are unsurpassed in sensitively conveying Mozart’s varieties of mood, but K415’s finale is diminished by a plethora of eingangs and a rescoring [MG]

Beethoven: Complete String Quartets Volume 1 (Chandos)

Consistently magnificent performances, but comparison has a sting in the tail [MG]

Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos 20 & 23 (Analekta)

Illuminating, especially the clarified swing between minor and major perspectives in Concerto No 20 [MG]

scarlatti sonatas navona

D Scarlatti: Sonatas (Navona)

Metz’s playing has admirable directness of approach, but the lovely Clementi square piano is a revelation [MG]

Schumann Symphs 1&3 Herreweghe PHI LPH040

Schumann: Symphonies Nos 1 and 3 (PHI)

Once accustomed to Herreweghe’s robust bass and firm sforzandos, I enjoyed his overall rounded approach and the superb brass playing [MG]

Mozart pianovol8 CHAN20246

Mozart: Piano Concertos Vol. 8 (Chandos)

Bavouzet and Takács-Nagy are an ideal partnership in demonstrating the zest, eloquence and operatic underpinning of Mozart’s piano concertos [MG]

byrd songs inventa

Byrd: Songs of sundrie natures (Inventa)

The first recording of all Songs of sundrie natures in exemplary performances show Byrd’s charm, humour and unwavering focus on the key messages [MG]

Schubert impromptus BIS2614

Schubert: Impromptus (BIS)

A refreshingly intimate account of Schubert’s impromptus in masterly performances by a fortepiano player of unparalleled recording experience [MG]

schubert symphonies chandos

Schubert: Symphonies Vol. 3 (Chandos)

Excellent playing, woodwinds especially, but Brüggen brings more compelling, dramatic impact [MG]

Mozart PC 24 25 Bavouzet Chandos 20192

Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos 24 & 25 (Chandos)

Bavouzet’s prolific ornamentation mars the poignancy of K491’s slow movement; but the edginess created in K503’s finale is revelatory [MG]

Schubert: Piano Sonatas (Hyperion)

Attractive performances whose strength is in the happy times and finding consolation in still facing the unhappy [MG]

Haydn horenstein PASC676

Haydn & Mozart: Symphonies (Pristine Classical)

Horenstein’s Haydn and Mozart pack quite a punch [MG]

chopin fialkowska atma classique

Chopin: Recital 4 (ATMA Classique)

A satisfying recital with a wide-ranging selection and an experienced interpreter [MG]

Mozart vol10 AAM042

Mozart: Piano Concertos Vol. 10 (Academy of Ancient Music)

Sparkling performances of early Mozart works you’ve never heard like this before [MG]

Mozart: Symphonies 34-36 (Hänssler Classic)

Symphonies 34 and 35 get entertainingly fresh, well balanced, focussed and detailed accounts but Symphony 36 is less secure [MG]

Byrd Pavans Galliards Pienaar Avie AV2574

Byrd: Pavans & Galliards, Variations & Grounds (Avie)

A masterclass of historically informed performance on the piano with zip, colour and eloquence [MG]

mozart sonatas somm

Mozart: Piano Sonatas Vol. 5 (SOMM)

Sometimes monumental, sometimes impish, invariably engaging [MG]

britten turn screw 828

Britten: The Turn of the Screw (Alpha)

A vivid rollercoaster approach, the listener smarting on the front row stalls [MG]

Mozart: Symphonies (Genuin)

The outer movements of Symphony 41 are splendid; elsewhere Klumpp’s Mozart can be a shade relentless [MG]