The King’s Playlist – recital (Linn)

A promising debut: a portrait of musical life at Louis XIV’s court [JV]

Handel: Handel for Trumpet (Linn)

A superbly programmed set of pieces by Handel, reimagined for trumpet and piano [PB]

Chopin: Reminiscences (Linn)

(Déjà Review) It depends on whether you’re a fan of Pizarro, or his personal selection [TH]

brahms concertos CKD732

Brahms: Piano Concertos (Linn)

Trpčeski delivers interesting if flawed performances of these two warhorse concertos [RC]

Brahms: Piano Concerti (Linn)

A treat: the Brahms piano concertos given lavish and loving musical treatment [ST]

Alexander Chance (alto): Drop not, mine eyes (Linn Records)

Chance is a foremost representative of his generation in the falsetto range [JV]

mendelssohn symphonies linn

Mendelssohn: Symphonies 3 & 5 (Linn)

Sui generis: a disc that will change the way you hear Mendelssohn [ST]

A Winged Woman Marian Consort Linn CKD724

A Winged Woman – choral music (Linn)

A superb and ambitious collection of choral music, with seven world premiere recordings [SW]

Stamitz: Six Trios (Linn)

Beautifully played and well-recorded, this is a valuable disc of chamber music by an underrated but interestingcomposer (GPu)

Commissions and Premieres New College Linn CKD720

New College – Commissions and Premieres (Linn)

A fine programme, outstanding performances [JF]

Handel serse CKD709

Handel: Serse (Linn)

Highlights the variety of Handel’s invention and showcases a superb lead singer [RMo]

Philips & Dering: Motets (Linn)

Welcome contribution to the acquaintance of the sacred oeuvre of Philips and Dering [JV]

The Splendour of Florence (Linn)

In this annual release, Gothic Voices will not disappoint, even if other ensembles often cover the same musical territory [GH]