Corrado Ensemble Intercontemporain Kairos KAI0022004

Corrado: Works for Ensemble (Kairos)

Agreeable new music from Italy which flows, floats and flourishes [RHa]

Glojnaric bliss 0022031KAI

Glojnarić: Pure Bliss (Kairos)

Yet more contemporeana that’s been somehow touched by the pop world – fascinating and unclassifiable [RHa]

Seither: Lauschgut. Works for (Inside) Piano (Kairos)

Seither’s piano oeuvre is conceptually consistent and superbly executed here, but it’s patently not for everyone [RH]

sciarrino paesaggi kairos

Sciarrino: Paesaggi con macerie (Kairos)

A remarkably original voice in contemporary Italian music [GH]

lim annunciation kairos

Lim: Annunciation Triptych (Kairos)

Welcome to the strange, murky, gorgeous world of Lim’s music [DMD]