David Barker

Moore velvet HTGCD137

Moore: Velvet (Heritage)

Soothing music, best listened to individually [DJB]

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagione & La Follia (Alpha Classics)

An electrifying rendition of the Four Seasons to set alongside Fabio Biondi’s [DJB]

CPE Bach Graun Concertos CPO 5556132

C P E Bach & Graun: Viola Concertos (cpo)

Fairly bland music that the performances don’t enliven [DJB]

JSBach CantataVol1 Hanssler

J S Bach: The First Cantata Year Vol 1 (Hänssler Classic)

Given the quality of the existing cycles, this is a brave project but a very fine start [DJB]

Kraus: Overtures (cpo)

If you don’t know Kraus’s music, give this a try; if you do, enjoy these performances [DJB]

RE inventio Bach 2 part inventions Chiahu Lee Divine Art DDV24172

Bach: (RE)inventio (Divine Art)

An interesting exercise, with mostly winning results [DJB]

Philarmonica Le Consort Alpha 1011

Philarmonica (Alpha Classics)

A potentially interesting programme, but it tended to all blend together [DJB]

Humour and Classical Music: Peter Schickele

by David Barker

Turina Cpt Piano Trios IBS192022

Turina: Complete Piano Trios (IBS Classical)

Exceptional in every way [DJB]

Shostakovich trio DUX1860

Shostakovich & Arensky: Piano trios (DUX)

Performances that underplay the essential character of each work [DJB]

Jenkins Armed Man Signum SIGCD779

Jenkins: The Armed Man (Signum Classics)

An arrangement for smaller forces that still makes as much impact [DJB]

schoch core es-dur

Andre Schoch (trumpet) Core (Es-Dur)

Readings that don’t match up with the best, and an ungenerous runtime [DJB]

Dans nos yeux  – recital (Warner Classics)

Crossover, yes, but don’t let that deter you from some very enjoyable music [DJB]

Farrenc: Piano Trios, Cello Sonata (Brilliant Classics)

A good introduction to the chamber music of this underrated and under-recorded composer [DJB]

Glass signature AN28755

Glass: Signature (Analekta)

For the Glass waverers out there, this might be the disc that dispels doubts [DJB]

Vivaldi Four Seasons Plewniak Chateau de V CVS138

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni (Château de Versailles)

Too strident for my liking [DJB]

Spanish Impressions – Piano Trios (Reference Recordings)

An interesting program, with good if not outstanding performances [DJB]

Humour and Classical Music: The Simpsons

by David Barker

Raff, Schreck, Jadassohn: Wind Serenades (cpo)

A delightful hour spent in the company of these three works [DJB]

Morricone Cinema Rarities Arcana A554

Morricone: Cinema Rarities (Arcana)

Enjoyable arrangements of some of Morricone’s less well-known film music, but suffering from a lack of variety [DJB]

Bach: Goldberg Variations Reimagined (Channel Classics)

Goldberg meets Brandenburg in a very successful merger [DJB]

Humour and Classical Music: Silent Monks & The Hallelujah Chorus

by David Barker

Humour and Classical Music: The Hoffnung Musical Festivals

by David Barker

Topos – 20th-Century Greek Orchestral Music (Naxos)

Hugely enjoyable [DJB]