Divine Art

RE inventio Bach 2 part inventions Chiahu Lee Divine Art DDV24172

Bach: (RE)inventio (Divine Art)

An interesting exercise, with mostly winning results [DJB]

johnson preludes divine art

D Johnson: Preludes & Fugues (Divine Art)

Another major contribution to Scottish classical music [JF]

parallels divine art

Parallels (Divine Art)

This impressive recital ‘parallels’ old and new favourites [JF]

Dreams Desires Desolation English Song Divine Art ddx21114

Dreams Desires Desolation – English Song (Divine Art)

An interesting disc of English Parlour Songs suffers from a lack of personality and variety [PT]

dreams desires divine art

Dreams, Desires, Desolation (Divine Art)

A substantial exploration of English song [JF]

english tenor divine art

The English Tenor (Divine Art)

An enjoyable recital by a newcomer to the field of English Art Song [EJW]

american choral classics divine art

American Choral Classics (Divine Art)

An enjoyable performance of Copland’s fine In the Beginning; otherwise of variable quality [GPJ]

ek-stasis divine art

Ek-Stasis (Divine Art)

A splendid exploration of music set against the background of Classical mythology [JF]

bach tranquillity divine art

JS Bach: Tranquillity (Divine Art)

A calming collection of Bach’s keyboard music, played with great skill and finesse [MSt]

Stevens shadows DDA25236

Stevens: Chasing Shadows (Divine Art)

Variegated moods: lyricism and awkward edges [RB]

Divine Art at 30

An interview with label founder Stephen Sutton by Rob Barnett

piano children divine

Piano Music for Children (Divine Art)

(Déjà Review) I don’t know whose idea this CD was, but it was a brilliant one [GPJ]

Baines pictures DDA25234

Baines: Pictures of Light (Divine Art)

A splendid new disc with inspiring music in glowing recorded sound [DJ]

cello diverse divine

Cello Diverse (Divine Art)

(Déjà Review) Some of the finest, most purposeful, cello playing I’ve heard in a long time [BBr]

Whistling book english recorder music divine art DDA21241

The Whistling Book (Divine Art)

An absorbing smorgasbord of music, from grade pieces for tyros to major recital works [JF]

Baines pictures DDA25234

Baines: Pictures of Light (Divine Art)

Baines’ piano music always impresses and is well performed here, the songs less so [NB]