jensen legacy danacord

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy v22 (Danacord)

Discography expansion in the work of Thomas Jensen [JW]

Fathom five DACOCD607

Full Fathom Five (Danacord)

Altogether a pleasurable experience [RB]

jensen volume 21 danacord

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol. 21 (Danacord)

New music, unfamiliar music and Light Music form this focused twofer [JW]

bach brandenburg danacord

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos (Danacord)

A near-complete 1930s Brandenburg Concerto cycle from Berlin and interesting additions [JW]

Hartmann: Piano Works Volume 5 (Danacord)

Trondhjem continues exploring the pleasant piano music of this long-lived Dane [RCh]

Ravel: Complete Solo Piano Music Vol. 3 (Danacord)

The main works are ill-served by eccentric tempi and phrasing [RWe]

aarhus organ danacord

The Great Organ of Aarhus Cathedral (Danacord)

Superb performances, great sound quality, brilliant documentation and rewarding programming [JF]

Shostakovich: Piano Concertos (Danacord)

(Déjà Review) A perceptive coupling of thoughtful and scintillating performances recorded with warmth and clarity [PSe]

Ravel pianovol3 DACOCD905

Ravel: Complete Solo Piano Music Vol. 3 (Danacord)

The performance captures all the nuances of Ravel’s pianism [JF]

jensen legacy danacord

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol. 20 (Danacord)

Holmboe’s Seventh Symphony heads a varied and packed historic Danacord twofer [JW]

Thomas Jensen Legacy v19 Danacord DACOCD929

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol 19 (Danacord)

Broadcasts of Nielsen concertos from unfamiliar soloists head a variety-packed twofer [JW]

Beethoven: Late piano sonatas (Danacord)

Moving, inspirational recordings of late masterpieces [JF]

Hartmann pianovol5 DACOCD968

Hartmann: Piano Works Vol. 5 (Danacord)

Danish romantic piano music, full of interest, gives much pleasure [JF]

Arne Skjold Rasmussen pianist Danacord DACOCD 966-7

The Forgotten Danish Pianist Arne Skjold Rasmussen (Danacord)

Forgotten but Restored: the art of a fluent, fleet but nervous Danish pianist and Nielsen specialist [JW]

Bendix Symphs Danacord DACOCD436-37

Bendix: Symphonies Nos 1-4 (Danacord)

(Déjà Review) Bendix wrote some extremely beautiful and moving music [JF]

rarities piano husum 2022 danacord

Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss vor Husum – August 2022 Festival (Danacord)

Another enjoyable portrait of this enduring festival which still piles on the surprises and delights [RCh]

Rarities scloss2002 DACOCD609

Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss vor Husum 2002 (Danacord)

A number of works catch the ear [JW]

Langgard piano DACOCD535

Siegfried & Rued Langgaard: Piano concertos (Danacord)

The Siegfried Langgaard concerto is one of the very best of romantic works [JF]

Danish PCs Danacord DACOCD597

Danish Piano Concertos Vol 3 (Danacord)

(Déjà Review) Three memorable Danish romantic piano concertos [RB]

H Koppel: Composer and Pianist Volume 7 (Danacord)

Volume 7 of the Koppel series, finally here, shows the composer’s two sides [JW]

jensen legacy danacord

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol. 18 (Danacord)

Core repertory from Thomas Jensen in authoritative performances [JW]

Schultz: Efterklange (Echoes) (Danacord)

Well-wrought and ultimately charming repertoire [JF]

Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss vor Husum – August 2022 Festival (Danacord)

Well-chosen, interesting repertoire, and many discoveries [JF]

American Dances Licad Danacord DACOCD965

Anthology of American Piano Music Vol. 5 (Danacord)

Licad’s extrovert pianism suits this vibrant recital [RCh]