Bruckner From the Archives v2 Somm Ariadne 50272

Bruckner: From the Archives, Volume 2 (Somm Recordings)

This second instalment confirms this will be a series well worth following as the Bruckner bicentenary year progresses [JQ]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 1 (Capriccio)

This brisk, nervy account pales in comparison with Schaller’s steadier, grander recording [RMo]

475 Jahre Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden (Profil)

Many first-class performances to celebrate the 475th anniversary of the Staatskapelle Dresden [MC]

bruckner symphony fontec

Bruckner: Symphony 4 (Fontec)

Here we go again … best avoided [RMo]

Bruckner: From the Archives, Volume 1 (SOMM Ariadne)

The auspicious launch of what promises to be a Bruckner series of uncommon interest [JQ]

bruckner symphony hanssler

Bruckner: Symphony No 4 (Profil)

A magnificent account of the last version of Bruckner’s most approachable symphony, beautifully played in ideal recorded sound [RMo]

Bruckner sym7 C8091

Bruckner: Symphony 7 (Capriccio)

A patchy account, hobbled by a particularly egregious bit of tinkering with the codas of the first movement and the finale [RMo]

Bruckner Symph 9 Roth Myros MYR034

Bruckner: Symphony No 9 (Myrios Classics)

A swift, coherent, absorbing onslaught upon Bruckner’s Ninth which carries its own conviction [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No 4 (Onyx)

Hindoyan does absolutely everything right in a beautifully played account [RMo]

Bruckner sym3 C8088

Bruckner: Symphony 3 (Capriccio)

Poschner once more subjects Bruckner’s Third Symphony to unreasonable and unaesthetic haste [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No 3 (Myrios Classics)

An outstanding performance of Bruckner’s Third from François-Xavier Roth and his Cologne players [MC]

Bruckner Symph 2 1872ver Poschner Capriccio C8093

Bruckner: Symphony 2 (Capriccio)

A crisp, rhythmically alert account, making a wholly persuasive case for the original version of Bruckner’s Second Symphony [RMo]

Bruckner sym5 G010003192493A

Bruckner: Symphony No. 5 (RCA)

Harnoncourt’s remarkable vision of this great symphonic master [TB]

bruckner symphony myrios

Bruckner: Symphony No 3 (Myrios Classics)

Another urgent, cohesive, thoroughly convincing account from a conductor who is a true Brucknerian [RMo]

bruckner symphony fontec

Bruckner: Symphony 8 (Fontec)

Another decent performance blighted by the conductor’s very audible vocal intrusions [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 2 (Profil)

A thoroughly commendable and consistent account of the most popular version of Bruckner’s Second Symphony [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 (Myrios Classics)

Roth makes an outstanding case for the original 1874 version of Bruckner’s Fourth [MC]

Bruckner sym1 C8092

Bruckner: Symphony No. 1 (Capriccio)

A tight, driven account of Bruckner’s First Symphony which is a success even if I still prefer Schaller’s version [RMo]

Bruckner Symph 7-Nowak 1885 Haitink BR Klassik 900218

Bruckner: Symphony No 7 (BR Klassik)

Haitink displays remarkable consistency in this grand and spacious account [RMo]

Bruckner syms 99311

Bruckner: 10 Symphonies (Gramola)

Grand, broad, live performances of Bruckner’s symphonies now collected in a box set [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 1 (Gramola)

Ballot completes his survey of Bruckner’s symphonies with another highly individual reading employing daringly extended tempi [RMo]

Bruckner sym8 900212

Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 (BR Klassik)

Two disappointingly tame live performances [RMo]

Bruckner Symph 5 Poschner Capriccio C8090

Bruckner: Symphony No 5 (Capriccio)

A beautifully played recording of the Fifth Symphony for those who like their Bruckner a little leaner and faster with variations of tempi strongly contrasted [RMo]

bruckner symphony hausegger pristine

Bruckner: Symphony 9 (Pristine Audio)

A classic of the Bruckner discography, revived [NC]