Prima Facie

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PFCD005Rose treereview
PFNSCD005City of lightreview
PFNSCD008Goves rulesreview
PFNSCD009Dickinson Translations review review
PFCD010Recorder fireworksreview
PFCD016Davies collectionreview
PFCD07/18MaxwellD pnoreview
PFCD032Do not go gentlereview
PFCD033Spaces in a spacereview
PFCD037Nostalgic recorderreview
PFCD038Proud recorderreview
PFCD044McCabe requiem sequencereview
PFCD045Parkin chmbr wksreview
PFCD047Gorb Dancing in the ghettoreview
PFCD050Stevenson pno v1review
PFCD051Hesketh Causton Land so luminousreview
PFCD052Aztec dancesreview
PFCD053Rawsthorne portraitreview review review
PFCD054McCabe pno wks v1review
PFCD056Darvill-Evans seeds of timereview
PFCD059Corfield Godfrey Akallabethreview review review
PFCD060Janovicky rainsongs review
PFCD065/6Howells clavichord booksreview
PFCD084Chopin preludereview
PFCD091Wandering pathwaysreview
PFCD098Crosse Shorelinereview
PFCD101Balmoral Suitereview
PFCD107Stevenson piano v2review review
PFCD108Francis pno wksreview
PFCD110/1Corfield Godfrey Berenreview review
PFCD115Casken chmbr wksreview
PFCD120Cummings-Knight piano wks review review
PFCD122Cage Solos for voicereview
PFCD123Yeats Anatomyreview
PFCD126-7Corfield Godfrey Children of Hurinreview review
PFCD134Chopin preludesreview
PFCD135Plowman Beachcomber review
PFCD136Csanyi-Willis sy1review
PFCD138Ellis chmbr wks songsreview
PFCD139Stevenson hp wksreview
PFCD140Contemporary soundbitesreview review
PFCD147Wilkinson celebrationreview
PFCD150-52Poole I Chingreview
PFCD160Romantic encores review
PFCD167/8Liszt pno wks v1review review review
PFCD170Holy boyreview
PFCD171Gipps pno chmbr wksreview
PFCD172Mendelssohn Hensel pno wksreview
PFCD174/5Pantcheff organ worksreview
PFCD184Brunning gtr wksreview
PFCD185Power 29 songsreview
PFCD192Music of Colin Handreview
PFCD197Corfield Godfrey Nightingalereview
PFCD202Ronald Stevenson and Friendsreview review
PFCD210/11Liszt Piano Works v2review review review
PFCD212/13Fraser-Simson Milne songsreview