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4577582Handel Fireworks Water musicreview
4748922Heinichen Dresden concsreview
4749072Corelli conc grossireview review


CDGAU208Boyce choralreview
CDDCA981Gounod sysreview
CDDCA1047Korngold chmbr wksreview
CDDCA1127Bax vln sonsreview
CDDCA1150Villa-Lobos chorosreview


75605513132 Rameau suitesreview


4100082Falla Three cornered hatreview
4119582Granados Goyescas review
4144092Stravinsky Firebirdreview
4176372Beethoven sysreview
4211522 Brahms pno triosreview
4213632 Chopin preludesreview
4218152Strauss Alpensinfreview
4224902Bach cantatasreview
4256072Nielsen sysreview
4257192Mahler Das klagende liedreview
4257902Mahler liederreview
4257922Tchaikovsky sy4review
4258212Sor gtr wksreview
4258332Wagenaar orch wks review
4258372Schubert pno sonsreview
4304382Beethoven sy9review
4305072Tchaikovsky sy6 review
4305292Brahms pno qnt, str qtreview
4330752Liszt PCsreview
4364152Strauss concsreview
4364552Haydn pno sonsreview
4368532Brahms sy4review
4403122Janacek chmbr wksreview
4433242Saint-Saens VCreview
4433252Prokofiev syms review
4435392Gounod Romeo Juliettereview
4437032Rimsky-K Scheherazadereview
4438942Bartok chmaber wksreview
4445492Essential Holstreview
4485972Bruch VC1review
4524782Dupre organ wksreview
4528552Schumann pno wks v7review
4529732Handel Acisreview
4588992Hindemith sysreview
4589192Shostakovich sy15review
4589642Bruckner sy9review
4602132Janacek Mass review
4700622Haydn Paris sysreview
4730772Balfe Bohemian girlreview
4750562Tippett sy4review
4761537Ives orch wksreview
4761724Holst Planetsreview
4762596Rameau overturesreview
4781497Pavarotti Celeste Aidareview

Deutsche Grammophon

4000332Mahler sy1review
4150612Chopin Liszt PCsreview
4151922Wolf liederreview
4155192Schumann liederreview
4156012Schubert sysreview
4190612Rachmaninov PCsreview
4194862Tchaikovsky sy6 Karajanreview
4196212Verdi songsreview
4231322Schoenberg Pelleasreview
4231342Schumann pno sonreview
4235822Bernstein Kaddish syreview
4236242Prokofiev sy1review
4273462Dvorak sy9review
4274092Gounod massreview
4290982Boccherini Vivaldi CCs Rostropovichreview
4314692Franck Szymanowski vln/pnoreview
4316982Carter varsreview
4350292Prokofiev sy5review
4350702Mozart sysreview
4354372Milhaud sysreview
4358642Ives Barber str qtsreview
4372502Bruckner sy0review
4397772Nielsen sysreview
4398582Ravel orch wksreview
4398592Ravel orch wksreview
4398982Prokofiev PCsreview
4399142Mozart str qtsreview
4399322Haydn sysreview
4399342Beethoven cello/pnoreview
4455382Stravinsky ballets Bernsteinreview
4459472Messiaen orch wksreview
4470692Verdi str qtreview
4475312Schubert str qtsreview
4495712Pfitzner Strauss opera orch excerptsreview review
4532902Wagner orch wksreview
4534362Korngold syreview
4534372Mahler Lied von der erdereview
4539882Shostakovich sy5review
4579062Rachmaninov pno wksreview
4579092Bartok PCsreview
4579112Ives sy3review
4594152 Shostakovich sysreview
4594272 Penella Gatoreview
4594482 Rossini Cenerentola review
4630852Falla Nights Martinu PCreview
4636622Chopin PCsreview
4712422Berlioz Romeoreview
4715692Messiaen Transfiguration review
4761815Greig songsreview
4762233Prokofiev Cinderella review
4767145Bernstein On the townreview
4775628Auber Fra Diavoloreview
4775668Rossini Signor Bruschonireview
4776351Boulez Incises review
4776353Bartok PCsreview review
4778049Seemann plays Bachreview

L’oiseau Lyre

4216542Handel Haydn choral wksreview


4327502Tchaikovsky Nutcrackerreview
4343182Brahms VCreview


4111482Mozart arias Te Kanawareview
4200752Tippett Child of our timereview
4209352Shostakovich sy11review
4321422Franck pno qntreview
4646932Bruckner sy5review
4754552Schoenberg gurreliederreview
4762179Dvorak Legendsreview
4767144Tippett concsreview review


63581Bernstein How nowreview
09026 609022Verdi requiemreview
09026 610702Holst Planetsreview
09026 613742Bruckner sy3review
09026 617662Heifetz collection v35review
09026 633102Alkan Liszt pno wksreview
09026 636852Bowles orchestral vocal musicreview
09026 662695Cliburn in Moscowreview
09026 663294Gershwin Broadwayreview
09026 682922Copland sysreview
09026 684082Prokofiev sy1 suitesreview
09026 686382R Strauss orch wksreview
82876 623102Schubert str qntreview


MK44528Grieg Peer Gyntreview
SBK48056Tchaikovsky sy1review
SBK48159Bizet suitesreview
SBK48173Bach Goldbergsreview
SK48249Gombert Henry Vreview
SK48251Vivaldi 4 seasonsreview
SMK58991Beethoven trios Casalsreview
SBK60295Dvorak sy6review
SMK60559Bernstein orch wksreview
MHK62358Eileen Farrell Verdireview
SBK62401Copland orch wksreview
SM2K62709 Juilliard Qt collaborations v5review
SB2K63251Mendelssohn orch. wks. Ormandy/Szellreview
78516von Stade recitalreview
78517Mahler songsreview
0852872Tchaikovsky Manfredreview
88697547272Shostakovich Kabalevsky CCsreview
88697857482Dvorak Slavonic dancesreview

Warner Classics

0851832Brahms PCsreview
0852872Tchaikovsky Manfredreview
2176402Berlioz Romeoreview
5059092Britten requiemreview
5854872Bartok VCsreview
6790012French ballet musicreview