LSO Live

LSO0010Berlioz Troyensreview
LSO0038Mahler Symph 6 Jansonsreview
LSO0054Britten Billy Buddreview
LSO0076Walton sy1 Davisreview
LSO0078Beethoven sy 7, triple concreview
LSO0366VW Tallais fantasiareview
LSO0535Shostakovich sy11 review
LSO0544Brahms sy3 Haitinkreview
LSO0570Brahms sys Haitinkreview
LSO0572Elgar orch wksreview
LSO0575Mozart Gran partitareview
LSO0582Beethoven sys 2 & 6review
LSO0606Berlioz L’enfancereview
LSO0661Mahler sy6 Gergievreview
LSO0665Mahler sy7 Gergievreview
LSO0671MacMillan St John passionreview
LSO0675Sibelius sys 1-7review review
LSO0677Rachmaninov sy2review
LSO0683Verdi requiemreview
LSO0689Strauss Alpine syreview
LSO0700Verdi Otelloreview
LSO0702Haydn sysreview
LSO0719Britten war requiemreview
LSO0720Tiomkin film scoresreview
LSO0726Weber freischutzreview review review
LSO0728Faure requiemreview review
LSO0729Berlioz requiemreview
LSO0731Szymanowski sys 1 & 2review review review
LSO0733Brahms sys 1 & 2review
LSO0737Brahms sys 3 & 4review
LSO0739Szymanowski sys 3 & 4review review
LSO0744Turnage Speranzareview review
LSO0745Beethoven concsreview review review
LSO0746Bruckner sy9review review
LSO0748Brahms requiemreview review
LSO0749Britten turn of the screwreview review review
LSO0751Stravinsky Oedipus Rexreview
LSO0752Tchaikovsky serenadereview review
LSO0757Berlioz sym fantreview
LSO0760Berlioz Haroldreview review
LSO0762Berlioz Romeo Juliettereview review
LSO0765Mendelssohn sy3 Schumann PCreview review review review
LSO0766Colin Davis anthologyreview
LSO0767MaxwellD Panufnik sy10review review
LSO0769Mendelssohn  sys 1 & 4review
LSO0770Scriabin sys 1 & 2review review review
LSO0771Scriabin sys 3 & 4review review review
LSO0775Mendelssohn sy5review review
LSO0779Rachmaninov sy3review review review
LSO0782Schumann Das Paradiesreview review
LSO0784Rachmaninov sy1review
LSO0786Schubert Shostakovich string arrsreview
LSO0789Nielsen sysreview review
LSO0790Debussy Pelleasreview review
LSO0792VW Tallis fantasiareview
LSO0795Mendelssohn Midsummer nightreview review
LSO0798Ades trilogyreview
LSO0800Verdi requiemreview review
LSO0802Shostakovich sys 1 & 5review
LSO0803Mendelssohn sy2review review
LSO0809Berlioz Faustreview review
LSO0810Tchaikovsky sy4review review review
LSO0813Bernstein Wonderful townreview review
LSO0818Schumann sys 2 & 4review
LSO0821Debussy Ravel orch wksreview
LSO0822Shostakovich sy8 review review
LSO0827Berlioz odyssey Davis review
LSO0828Shostakovich sys 9 & 10review review review
LSO0830Britten Spring Symph, Sinfonia da Requiem review
LSO0832Shostakovich sy4review
LSO0833Strauss Zarathustrareview
LSO0834Bernstein Candide review review
LSO0842Bruckner sy6review review review
LSO0844Schumann sys review
LSO0850Janacek Cunning little vixenreview
LSO0851Rachmaninov sy2review review review
LSO0859Shostakovich sy7review review
LSO0862Beethoven Christusreview
LSO0867VW sysreview review
LSO0875Bruckner sy4review review
LSO0878Shostakovich Symph 6 & 15review
LSO0889Janacek Káťa Kabanová Rattlereview review
LSO3028Stravinsky ritereview
LSO3038Ravel Daphnisreview review
LSO3042Bruckner sy8review
LSO5016Panufnik legaciesreview
LSO5073Reich percussion wksreview
LSO5074Stravinsky Soldiers talereview
LSO5078Stravinsky Firebirdreview
LSO5090Quartet quintet review
LSO5094Beethoven VCreview
LSO5096Stravinsky balletsreview review
LSO5129Rissmann Wonderlandreview