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C2 Management



CBCD002Weber Oberonreview

Cadenza Music

CACD0211Dodgson guitar wksreview
CACD0603Dodgson Watersmeetreview
CACD0604Goss chmbr wksreview
CACD0612One Minute Wondersreview
CACD0711Goss Frozen musicreview review
CACD0807Reeves Night descendingreview
CACD0810Kodaly cel sonsreview
CACD0906Messiaen Martinu Carter cel/pnoreview
CACD0907Hidden tangoreview

Calico Classics

CCCR102Bach kybd wksreview


CAL1101Romances Francaisesreview
CAL1102Shostakovich str qtsreview
CAL1212Mozart sinf concreview
CAL1316Hommage a Cortotreview
CAL1521Ravel pno wksreview
CAL1747Ravel Szymanowski str qtsreview
CAL1857Brahms Ligeti horn triosreview
CAL2069Tomasi pno wksreview review
CAL2189Gaubert miniaturesreview
CAL3311-13Mendelssohn str qtsreview
CAL3321/2Chopin mazurkasreview
CAL3614Schubert Schumann Dvorak cel/pnoreview
CAL7648Beethoven pno sonsreview
CAL9342Willaert choral wksreview
CAL9353Scriabin poemesreview
CAL9354Libre comm un oiseaureview
CAL9357Kalliwoda str qtsreview
CAL9837Debussy chamber musicreview
CAL9938Gigout org wksreview


CD1151Salzedo harp wksreview
CD1170Price orch wksreview
CD8850Chavez chbr wksreview
Beethoven pno sonsreview

Cambridge Chorale

Salvator Mundireview

Cambridge Recordings

CAMREC001Shostakovich Barber str qtsreview
CAMREC006Pounds syreview
CAMREC007Pounds Berkeley chmbr wksreview


CM165Bruckner sy7review
CMCD546Haydn piano sonatas vol. 6review
CMCD15046-6Couperin concertsreview
CMCD20097-8Albinoni comp oboe concsreview
CMCD28030Tromb concsreview
CMCD28043Haydn str triosreview
CMCD28055Hummel pno qntsreview
CMCD28060Clarinet sonsreview
CMCD28170Viotti quatuorsreview
CMCD28222Scriabin mazurkasreview
CMCD28231Scriabin impromptusreview
CMCD28245Weigl Webern cel sonsreview
CMCD28281Scriabin etudesreview
CMCD28304Scriabin pno sonsreview

Campanella Musica

C130045Oboe concsreview
C130090Musique a Versaillesreview
C130069Haydn wind divertireview
C130076Mozart & peasant musicreview
C130106Haydn pno triosreview


Cameo 2020Hat Box: Music for Recorder and Guitarreview
Cameo 2021Rawsthorne & A Bush Prison Cyclereview
Cameo 2026Crossley-Holland chamber music and songs etc.review
RRCD1343Kukal VCreview
RRCD1349Inessa Galante (sop). Arias from Verdi’s late operasreview review

Canary Classics

CC03The Faure Albumreview
CC06Elgar VC Shahamreview review
CC09Edwards Sibelius VCsreview
CC121930s VCs v1review
CC14Bach vln sons partitasreview
CC17Dorman Gettysburgreview
CC18Mozart PCsreview
CC19Mozart sonatas v1review


C58056Neander Psalter und Harffereview


91057Between Earth & Sky. Great Arias v7 CD-ROMreview
95035Great Arias for the Baritone Voice v1review
95036Great Arias for the Bass Voice v1review
95037Great Arias for the mezzo sop Voice v1review
95038Great Arias for the Soprano Voice v1review
95039Great Arias for the Tenor Voice v1review
95040Great Arias for the Baritone Voice v2review
95041-2Great Arias for the Soprano Voice v2-3review
95043Great Arias for the Tenor Voice v2review
95044Great opera duets v1review
95045Great Arias for the Bass Voice v2review
95046Great Arias for the mezzo sop Voice v2review
95047Great Arias for the Soprano Voice v4review
95048-9Great Arias for the Tenor Voice v3-v4review
95050Great Arias for the Baritone Voice v3review
95051-2Great Arias for the Soprano Voice v5-6review
95053Great Arias for the Tenor Voice v5review
95054Great opera duets v2review

Cantores Missae

CM002Praise to the Lordreview


CRCD6063Musical landscapereview
CRCD6080John Baptistreview

Capella de Ministrers

CDM1130Victoria canticumreview
CDM1637Ars antiquareview
CDM1640L’ultim Pelegrinatgereview
CDM1641Hic et nuncreview
CDM1743Silk roadreview
CDM2048Morales Super lamentations review

Cappella Records

CR410CDZes Divine liturgyreview
CR411CDKyr Time for lifereview
CR414CDSteinberg Passionreview review
CR420Lost voicesreview review
CR421Sheehan Liturgy review
CR422Kassiani hymnsreview
CR427Byzantine Emperorreview


CAP21506String qt in Swedenreview
CAP21620Marteau pupilsreview
CAP21644Frumerie VC & Cello Concreview review
CAP21705Barkel collectionreview
CAP21765Wagner Walkurereview
CAP21767Cello sons Britten, Liegti & Brahmsreview
CAP21910Peterson-Berger finds review


CAPCD1010Bach cantatas & ariasreview

Capriol Films

CAP107G&S a motley pairreview


CPS8699Schroeder Turningreview
CPS8709Schroeder All Rivers At Once: chamber music & electronicsreview
CPS8726Schroeder Affinitiesreview
CPS8752Heim night-speech of plant and stonereview
CPS8756Music in transitreview
CPS8761From a far-off worldreview
CPS8780Krause Dingreview

Carducci Classics

CSQ5847Whettam str qtsreview
CSQ8841Biydell str qtsreview

Carl Davis Collection

CDC009Carl’s warreview
CDC028Davis Napoleonreview

Carma Records

CARMA001Martelli Srednireview

Carnegie Concerts

CC009Tchaikovsky Seasonsreview

Carnegie Mellon

CMRL 03-0006Galbraith massreview

Carpe Diem

CD16289Lute music Netherlandsreview
CD16290Froberger toccatasreview review
CD16293On a cold winter’s dayreview review
CD16294Mundus et Musicareview
CD16295Bach lute wksreview
CD16296Visee lute wksreview
CD16297Paganini Lanterna magicareview
CD16300Two Francescosreview
CD16304Vox Cosmicareview
CD16308Quando calareview
CD16312Il Cembalo di Partenopereview
CD16330Wenn ich nur Dichreview


82002Domingo in concertreview

Cascade Media

05116Scherber sy2review

Cathedral Classics

CCCD101Prokofiev Peter & the wolfreview


CCD325Finck massesreview review

CBC Records

SMCD5239Mozart duets & ariasreview
SMCD5240Mozart PCsreview
SMCD5244Vivaldi gloriareview
MVCD1008Dvorak Slavonic dancesreview
MVCD1159Schubert Octetreview
MVCD11772Ehnes recitalreview
MVCD21035Liszt pno wksreview


CD41001Oh what a lovely war v1review
CD41002Red shoesreview
CD41024Scott of the Antarcticreview review

CD Klassisk

CDK120Lemare org wks v2review
CDK209Lemare org wks v1review
CDK1012Zinck pno wks v1review
CDK1061Sonatas & scenesreview
CDK1099Zinck pno wks v3review
CDK1143Grey cloudsreview
CDK1163Lemare org wks v3review


CDK015Kostitsyn American Requiem Ireview

CDK Music

CDKM1001Tchaikovsky Rococo Var & Souvenir de Florence Rostropovichreview
CDKM1002Tchaikovsky Swan Lake & Nutcracker Svetlanovreview
CDKM1003Grieg Lyric Pieces Pletnevreview
CDKM1007 Haydn The Seven Last Wordsreview
CDKM1010Tchaikovsky Symph 5 Svetlanovreview
CDKM2001Bach Violin Sonatas Igor Oistrakhreview


IPM08Pitts Fantasias & airsreview review review

Celestial Harmonies

132532William Dowdall solo flutereview
132552Russian avant gardereview
132562Hamel Vom Klang des lebensreview review
132592Otte Stundenbuchreview review
132772Chopin PC2 Beethoven pno qtreview
132792Debussy preludesreview
132802Bach partitasreview review
132922Prokofiev pno wksreview review
133122Liszt pno sonreview
133242Woodward in concertreview
133252Barraque pno sonreview
142602Chopin nocturnesreview review
143022Shostakovich preludes & fuguesreview review
143042Schubert pno sonsreview
143332Brahms PC1review
199225Bach WTC I & IIreview review

Cello Octet Amsterdam

C8A1703 Part cello wksreview


CMCCD15610Louie Archer PCsreview
CMCCD16511Southam glass housesreview
CMCCD28621 Crawley Moodsreview
CMCCD28721 Tellez chmbr wksreview
CMCCD30122Daunais songs review


CS1RD02Duxbury streamsreview
CS2RD01Duxbury wingsreview


C10001Mahler Symph 1 transcription for pianoreview
C10002McCartney piano transcriptionsreview review
C20003Scriabin Prometheus review


no numberRussian vln sonsreview review


CD096Schumann sy3review
JD371Chesky joyreview
JD379Chesky Venetian concsreview

Chestnut Hall Music

CHM09111517C Polish popular musicreview

Chipping Camden Festival

CCMF004 How to build an orchestrareview

Chiron Records

no numberCarlos Cogul introductionreview


CHORC519 Mater mundireview

Chroma Disc

CDMD001Mystics & loversreview


Hidden watersreview

Ciar Classics

CC001Frionnet pno wksreview
CC002Greif pno qntreview
CC004Girard Elogereview
CC005Paray pno wks v1review
CC006Paray pno wks v2review review
CC011Selva transcriptionsreview review review
CC012Hommage Blanche Selvareview
CC013Fauchard organ wks review

City of Birmingham SO

CBSOCD003Elgar Gerontiusreview review

Clarinet Classics

CC0035Musgrave clar concreview review
CC0042Mercadante Conc for Clarinet and for Winds and Orchreview
CC0058Lefevre clar sons v2review
CC0060Horovitz collectionreview
CC0062Harris musical celebrationreview
CC0064Bennett clar chmbr wksreview
CC0065Cahuzac complete worksreview
CC0068Mozart clar qntreview


CLR914CDRespighi Lauda per la nativitareview

Classical Piano Assembly

RCD30108Mussorgsky Pictures Arkadievreview review

Classical Records

CR004Schumann pno wks Sofronitskyreview
CR057Heinrich Neuhausreview
CR060Scriabin pno wks Neuhausreview
CR065Bach Well tempered clavier Feinbergreview
CR076Beethoven pno sons Feinbergreview
CR183Rachmaninov 2 pno wksreview

Classical Recordings Quarterly

CRQCD213-14Smetana Daliborreview

Classic Clips

CLCL129CPE Bach cello concsreview

Classic Collection

99823Mozart Clarinet Conc & Conc for Flute, Harp and Orchreview
99875Danzi Flute Concertosreview
99891Telemann Oboe Concertosreview
99905Bach Brandenberg Concertos 1-3review
99914Vivaldi Four Seasonsreview
99920Vivaldi Gloria & Stabat Materreview

Classic FM

CFMCD11Enchanted carolsreview
CFMCD36Rutter songbookreview
CFMCD38Tchaikovsky albumreview
CFMCD46Classic FM at the moviesreview
CFMCD49Hawes Towards the lightreview

Classic HDAD

2001Mahler sy8review


272Mozart pno wksreview
284Schumann Etudesreview

Clear Note

74412Assad gtr wksreview
74561Assad gtr wksreview


CDCL15106Leigh Butterworth orch wksreview


no numberEmpfindsamreview


CMG011Brahms Schoenberg str sextetsreview

CMS Studio Recordings

AASR003Beach pno qntreview


451CDSaint-Saens Strass vln sonsreview

Coda Productions


COE Records (AVS/Sanctuary)

CDCOS242Mozart Serenadesreview
CDCOE801Dvorak serenadesreview
CDCOE802Mozart serenadesreview
CDCOE803Mozart sinf conc Bach concreview
CDCOE804Mozart serenadesreview
CDCOE805Mozart horn concsreview
CDCOE806Mozart sysreview
CDCOE808Mozart R Strauss oboe concsreview
CDCOE809R Strauss Bourgeois gentihommereview
CDCOE811Clarinet concertosreview
CDCOE812Wind musicreview
CDCOE814Mozart wind concsreview

Colin Currie Records

CCR001Reich Drummingreview review
CCR002Scene of the crimereview
CCR003Reich livereview
CCR006Reich 18 Musiciansreview

Collection QB

CQB1111Rothman Sense absencereview
CQB1414Cage qtsreview
CQB1615Clementi momentoreview
CQB1618De soufflesreview
CQB231Radigue Occamreview


COLCD129Rutter Mass of the Children etc.review
COLCD131Lighten our darknessreview
COLCD133Christmas festivalreview
COLCD134Sacred flamereview
COLCD135Rutter Song in seasonreview
COLCD136This is the dayreview
CSCD521Bennett choral wksreview
CSCD521Rutter praise the Lordreview
CSCD524Stanford Howells Rememberedreview review
CSACD901Bennett chor wksreview

Colorado MahlerFest

Mahler sy5review

Colosseum Classics

COL90252Elly Ney recsreview
COL92002Leimer PCreview
COL92012Chopin etudes Leimerreview
COL92022Leimer Gershwin PCsreview
COL92032Brahms Tchaikovsky PCs Leimerreview
COL92052Rachmaninov Leimer PCsreview

Comitato Grandi Maestri

no numberAldo Ferraresi radio recordingsreview

Composers Concordance Recordings

COMCON0031 Tangent shoresreview

Con Brio

CBR231Bach Sonatas for solo violin 1-3review
CBR233Delectable Pieces: The Volkert-Walther String Trioreview
CBR234Bacon & Diamond Violin & Piano worksreview
CBR251Images of three centuriesreview
CBR21045Weinberg Shostakovich pno triosreview
CBR21046Rhythms & bluesreview
CBR21344In a new lightreview
CBR21653Bulgarian musical eveningsreview
CBR22132Debussy preludesreview
CBR27452Arnell sys 4 & 5review
CBR28453Ravel Schubert pno triosreview
CBR28454Prokofiev pno transcreview review

Concertant Classics


Concert Artist

CACH4060Ferrucio Busoni (pno) Piano Rolls – Bach Liszt Beethovenreview
CACD9002The Art of John Denman (clarinet)review
CACD9004Nicholas Zumbro (pno) plays de Falla and Granadosreview
CACD9009Bax Symph 4 & Moeran Serenade Handleyreview
CACD9021Bax Symphonic Variations Handleyreview
CACD9022Bax & Delius Violin Sonatasreview review
CACD9049Liszt PC 1 & Totentanzreview

Concert Artists Guild

CAG102Amstel Peijlreview
CAG114Rachmaninov Ravel PCsreview


DVD1021A daring game Scarlattireview
CD2001/2Tarrega comp gtr wksreview
CD2006Bach organ concsreview
CD2007Broschi/Faranelli ariasreview
CD2008Paradisi hpsd sonsreview
CD2017Era di maggio Italian music 16 & 17th centreview
CD2026Platti sonatasreview
CD2036Hoffman Giuliani mandolin qtsreview
CD2042/3Handel Giulio Cesarereview
CD2048Haydn vln sonsreview
CD2060Respighi chbr wksreview
CD2070Kuhnau kybd wksreview

Concerto Caledonia

CONCAL13Nathaniel Gow’s dance bandreview

Concerto Classics

2106Mozart PCsreview

Concezio Productions

884501832373Beethoven sonatas v1review


CONREC005 Lachen und Weinenreview


51155 Parry Stanford motetsreview
51231 Gibbons anthemsreview
51317 Ippolitov-Ivanov sy1review
75605512362Vasks Cor Anglais Concertoreview
75605512492A Vaughan Williams Hymnalreview
75605512712Vasks Cello Concerto Geringasreview
75605512722Vasks Chamber Musicreview
75605513132 Rameau suitesreview
75605513342Vasks String Quartetsreview

Connoisseur Society

CD4260Visions of beyondreview
CD4262Beethoven pno sons v2review
CD4263Beethoven pno sons v3review
CD4264Beethoven pno sons v4review
CD4275Schubert pno son 21review
CD4276Grieg lyric piecesreview


CCD1016Bridge pno wksreview
CCD1025Delius Dyson cello/pno wksreview
CCD1030Maw life studiesreview
CCD1040Best of British pianoreview
CCD1044Dale pno wksreview
CCD1076Lilburn orch wksreview

Contrapunctus Musicus

VC2444Harpsichord worksreview


CR018New York to Buenos Airesreview
CR019Thus angels sangreview
CR026Multitude of voicesreview
CR027Stanford choral wksreview
CR032Jackson Field of starsreview
CR038Rizza Celtic connectionreview
CR043Handel German ariasreview
CR047Todd massreview
CR053Rosner massesreview
CR056Rizza Ave generosa review
CR058Carbon orch wksreview
CR062Warlock Songbook review
CR063Schubert Schone Mullerinreview
CR065Poston trioreview
CR071Nostalgica review review
CR075Silver swanreview
CR076Dove Sapphoreview
CR081Coleridge requiemreview
CR083Gibbs SQ’sreview review
CR084Rise Up Luca Brugnolireview


CR138Schmitt wind wksreview


CMCD001Pehkonen Russian requiemreview
CMCD002Pehkonen Alabaster boxreview
CMCD003Pehkonen Turning worldreview


COR16010An Eternal Harmonyreview
COR16011Handel Israel in Egyptreview
COR16012Music from the Eton Choirbook v2review
COR16014Allegri Misererereview
COR16056Tudor treasuresreview
COR16059Padilla Streams of tearsreview
COR16120Bach Lutheran masses v2review
COR16127Spirit, Strength and Sorrowreview
COR16150MacMillan stabat materreview
COR16155Palestrina v7review
COR16166Star of heavenreview
COR16179MacMillan sy5review review
COR16182Purcell welcome songs v3review
COR16184Good night belovedreview
COR16199Striggio Massreview
COR16201Benevoli Missa Tu es Petrus & Grazianireview


COR1222Christmas at Weissenaureview

Court Lane Music

CLM37601I Holst chmbr wksreview

Cragg Foundation

CF003Adams American berserkreview review


196World of musicreview


742Read sy4review
758Rhodes orch wksreview
790Savage orch wksreview
892Stevens sy 1review

Crier Records

CR1401Dreams and prayersreview


CF881Liszt pno wksreview
CF887Benefit for Kitezhreview
CF889Hovhaness Moscow recsreview

Croatia Records

6084562Dugan complte organ wksreview

CR Records

CR961101Classic Open Air: Gelbard Quartetreview

Crux Productions

CRUXGZ001DVD Passions of VWreview
CRUXGZ002DVD Elgar docoreview

CSO Resound

CSOR901704Bruckner sy7review
CSOR901801Traditions & transformationreview
CSOR901904Mahler sy1review
CSOR901906Ravel Daphnisreview
CSOR901914Mahler sy2review
CSOR901918Stravinsky sy, Pulcinellareview
CSOR9011002Strauss Heldenlebenreview review
CSOR9011008Verdi requiemreview review
CSOR9011301Verdi Otelloreview
CSOR9011402Prokofiev R&Jreview review review
CSOR9011501Berlioz sym fantreview review
CSOR9011602Shostakovich Michelangelo suitereview review
CSOR9011801 Italian masterworksreview
CSOR9012201Mascagni Cavalleira rusticanareview

Cube Bohemia

CBCD24-26Dvorak concsreview

Cugate Classics

CLL003La bella Habanareview
CUG0052Kakhidze legacy v5review
CUG0062Prokofiev cantatasreview
CGC0132Barber adagioreview
CGC0262Shostakovich From the moviesreview
CGC0342Tchaikovsky nutcracker PC1review
CGC0502Kancheli legacyreview
CL005Coti cotireview

Cuillin Sound

CUILL1001Cuillin soundreview
CUILL1005Fontanelli Pinocchio review
CUILL1007Feed the houndreview


Chopin PCsreview

C-Y Contemporary

CY0701Dr Caligarireview
CY0904Electric tubareview

Cypress Performing Arts

CSQ2010Beethoven late qts v2review
CSQ2012Beethoven late qts v3review
no numberAmerican albumreview