Bridge Records

4010Sondheim A little night musicreview
9006DeGaetani recitalreview
9057Ruders VC1, The Christmas Gospel
9099ACBeethoven Middle Quartets Budapest SQreview
9119Shulman orchestral worksreview
9122Ruders Paganini Variations
9124A/CAmerican Orchestral Compositions (1890-1916)review
9128Music of Elliot Carter v5review
9129Villa-Lobos orch wksreview review review
9130Ginastera orchestral worksreview review
9133 A/BWalton Symph 1 & VCreview
9134Wyner The Second Madrigalreview
9135Babbit Quatraines Manifold Musicreview
9137Stuyvesant Qt & Banny Goodmanreview
9152Men’s songsreview
9156Price Barber recitalreview
9168A/BVisions Intérieuresreview
9178Lieberson Rilke songsreview
9184Carter concsreview
9187Chopin Liszt cel/pno wksreview
9188Spanish gtr wks de la Torrereview
9190American tone poemsreview
9192Qts with sopranoreview
9196A/BBalsam concertosreview
9197Schubert pno wksreview
9201Beethoven pno sonsreview
9206Gottschalk pno wksreview review
9208Clara Rockmore’s lost theremin albumreview
9209Wolpe Addressreview
9212Gershwin Grofe symph jazzreview
9214A/BPerle retrospectivereview
9215Wolpe collection v4review
9216A bridge to Bachreview
9217Mozart PCsreview
9218Crumb river of lifereview
9223Bland pno sonsreview
9224Two pno concsreview
9225Dvorak Chausson chbr wksreview
9230Dzubay music for brassreview
9233Maynor recitalreview
9237Ruders orch & chmbr wksreview
9238Shostakovich pno sonsreview
9243Sessions Shapey pno wksreview
9251Beethoven pno sonsreview review
9254American orch songsreview
9263Haydn Hummel Dussek pno wksreview
9264Dohnanyi Thiulle Tovey cel sonsreview
9267Chihara chmbr wksreview
9268Color of the wordreview
9271A/DAmericans in Romereview
9274A/BBeethoven pno sons v9review
9275A/BCrumb American songbooksreview
9276Chopin pno wks Reisenbergreview
9278Chopin PCs Primakovreview
9279A/CFeldman For Christian Wolffreview
9280Spiritual resistancereview
9281Bach French suitesreview
9286Musto songsreview
9291Mamlok v1review
9293Mamlok v2review
9296Cafe musicreview
9300Schumann pno wksreview
9301A/BTchaikovsky PCsreview
9302del Aguila chbr wksreview
9305Beethoven cel sonsreview
9308Wolpe v5review review
9314A/BCarter v8review
9315Primakov plays Chopin & Brahmsreview
9316Great singers – Benita Valentereview review
9317Lieberson PC2 Rilke songsreview
9322Primakov live v1review
9323Zallmann collectionreview
9324Messiaen Visionsreview
9327Schubert impromptusreview
9328A/BMozart PCs v1review
9329A/CBeethoven comp cel/pno wksreview
9330Cavatina duo plays Piazzollareview
9332Dillon chbr wksreview
9333Wyner sacred wksreview
9335Crumb end v15review
9336Ruders v6review
9337Liszt pno sonreview
9338Mendelssohn pno triosreview
9340DeGaetani in concertreview
9341Mahler liederreview
9342Beethoven early qtsreview
9343A Sierra chbr wksreview
9344Wolpe v6review
9347Rachmaninov cello sonreview
9348Rachmaninov preludesreview
9349A/CPartch v1review
9350Primakov live v2review
9351Mozart PCs v3review
9352Lerdahl v3review
9355Bartok Prokofiev pno wksreview
9358A/BBach vln sons, partitasreview
9359Chopin pno wksreview
9362Brahms Smetana pno triosreview
9368Ung v3review
9369Feldman pno & str qtreview review
9372A Wind Blows from the Eastreview
9373American flute qntsreview
9374A/BLeonard Shure in concertreview
9375Ruders v7review
9376Schubert piano triosreview
9379Higdon Larksreview
9382Ruders v8review
9386Visconti lonesome roadsreview
9392Rzewski The people unitedreview review
9393Dvorak pno triosreview
9394French fantasyreview
9397Stuyvesant Qt Brahms Mozartreview
9399Musto PCsreview
9402McDonald airyreview
9403Mozart PCsreview
9408Mozart PCsreview
9410Tchaikovsky PC1review
9412Lieberson concsreview
9413Crumb v16review
9415Rands pno wksreview
9421Telemann dble wind concsreview
9423Composing Americareview
9427Ruders v9review
9432Partch v2review
9433Ruders nightshadereview
9436Burton sy2review
9440Ravel Chausson pno triosreview review
9441Saint Saens Faure pno triosreview review
9443Hill sy4review
9446Feldman piano violin …review
9449Hindemith Christmas dinnerreview review
9450Crumb red desertreview
9451Benita Valente v2review review
9453Sessions vln/pnoreview
9456A/BBoulez pno wksreview
9457Mamlok v5review
9459Poulenc pno wksreview
9462Dett Ordering of Mosesreview
9463Wheeler pno wksreview review
9464Brahms str qtsreview
9466Wadsworth The far westreview
9468A/BScriabin pno sonsreview
9469Shadow and light review
9470Senofsky Brussels 1958review
9472Gardens of joyreview
9473Cuatro corridosreview
9474Wuorinen sy8review review
9475Ruders sy5review
9478Goldberg sonatasreview
9481Rachmaninov vln/pnoreview
9485A/BBernstein pno wksreview
9487Hindemith Ludus tonalisreview
9491Alma Espanolareview
9492Tymoczko Rube Goldberg varsreview
9493Toscanini 150th annivreview
9498Feldman for John Cagereview
9499Perle v4review review
9500Ruders Occam’s razorreview
9503Bach cello suitesreview
9505A/CBeethoven Cpt Piano Triosreview
9508Glass tpt wksreview
9511A/BBlitzstein Cradlereview
9516Wolpe 2 pnosreview
9518Mozart PCs v1review
9521Waggoner concertosreview review
9523Mozart PCs v2review review
9525Partch v3review review review
9527Ruders 13th childreview
9530New England triosreview
9531Ruders v15review review
9532Lansky v17review
9534American gifts review
9535Crumb Metamorphoses Ireview
9540Buried alive review
9541Folias & fantasiasreview
9543Karchin orch wksreview
9545Brahms late pnoreview
9547Korngold PCreview
9549To Anatoliareview
9550A/BSchubert pno sonsreview review
9551Crumb Metamorphoses review
9553Ruders Dream catcherreview
9554Walker pno sonsreview review
9560Shulman Tattooed strangerreview
9562Mozart PCs v4review
9567Matiegka gtr sonatas review
9572Fry Bristow sysreview review
9574A left coastreview review
9583Dello Joio J PC etc. Ohlsson/Gilbertreview
9585Regondi 200th Birthdayreview review
9586Karchin Keyboards/Windsreview
9587Red Maple. Music for bassoon & stringsreview