Information Sources

The following list the majority of sources used by Michael Herman in the preparation of his discographies. Commercial websites such as record labels, catalogue sites (e.g. Allmusic, Discogs) and retailers (e.g. Amazon, Presto) are not listed in detail. URLs for those websites included are not checked.


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Record Catalogues
Diapason: Catalogue Général de Musique Classique et de Diction (1972)
Gramophone Classical Record Catalogue (retitled: Gramophone Classical Catalogue) (1953-1996)
Gramophone Compact Disc Catalogue (1983-1990)
Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog (retitled: Schwann 1 – Record and Tape Guide and Schwann Opus) (1949-2001)
ASCAP Symphonic Catalog. 3rd ed. (1977)
Supraphon Long Playing Records Catalogue 1960
Supraphon Catalogue 1976

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