L’arte del virtuoso (MDG)

An interesting programme of unfamiliar pieces [JV]

Spohr vol3 CCS46024

The Spohr Collection Vol. 3 (Channel Classics)

A delightful selection of flute works played on a variety of original instruments [JW]

Adèle Charvet (mezzo-soprano) Teatro Sant’Angelo (Alpha Classics)

A nice mixture of arias by Vivaldi and his less well-known colleagues [JV]

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagione & La Follia (Alpha Classics)

An electrifying rendition of the Four Seasons to set alongside Fabio Biondi’s [DJB]

morini victor pristine

Erica Morini (violin) The Complete Victor Recordings (Pristine Audio)

Youthful Erica Morini’s earliest recordings from New Jersey show her scintillating in morceaux [JW]

Vivaldi: Sonatas for 2 Violins (Brilliant Classics)

Idiosyncratic performances of pared-down music by Vivaldi [CR]

Neville Marriner (conductor): The Complete Warner Classics Recordings (Warner Classics)

An 80-CD centenary salute to Marriner, with (or without) his ASMF [JW]

vivaldi pieta avie

Vivaldi: Music for the Chapel of the Pietà (Avie)

(Déjà Review) Exuberant and often full of élan and humour [GPJ]

Scenes of Horror Perfect Noise PN2306

Scenes of Horror: Baroque Arias From the Shadows (Perfect Noise)

Thoroughly disappointing – a voice of no great distinction in a gimmicky programme [RMo]

Vivaldi Four Seasons Plewniak Chateau de V CVS138

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni (Château de Versailles)

Too strident for my liking [DJB]

vivaldi concertos sony

Vivaldi: Late Violin Concertos (Sony Classical)

(Déjà Review) Magnificent accounts to cherish [MC]

Vivaldi stravaganza 96614

Vivaldi: La Stravaganza (Transcriptions for Organ) (Brilliant Classics)

These transcriptions are nice complements to Bach’s arrangements [JV]

Vivaldi Violin Concertos Mullova Onyx 4001

Vivaldi: Violin Concertos (Onyx)

(Déjà Review) Vivaldi, Mullova and Onyx are a winning combination [MC]

Vivaldi, D Scarlatti, Caldara: Cantatas (Capriccio)

A release well worth revisiting a decade later [SG]

Vivaldi Four Seasons Fabio Biondi Erato 6025032

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (Erato)

(Déjà Review) An amazingly dramatic, rock and roll rendition of the Four Seasons [KM]

The Spohr Collection Vol 2 (Channel Classics)

Unique opportunity to hear baroque flute concertos on historical transverse flutes [JV]

Vivaldi cello TC672291

Vivaldi: Cello Sonatas (Tactus)

Mesmerising cello sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi [DF]

Trondheim Concertos 2L172SABD

The Trondheim Concertos (2L)

Superlative performances in demonstration sound quality [DC]

Venezia violin Alpha935

Duello d’archi a Venezia (Alpha Classics)

Every lover of the baroque violin will be delighted to listen to these performances {JV]

Vivaldi Serenata a tre Naive OP7901

Vivaldi: Serenata a tre (Naïve)

Latest addition to Naïve’s Vivaldi Edition brings out the amorous playfulness of an obscure Serenata [CRo]

Selby Abbey Licata SAOM014

Alessandro Licata (organ) At Selby Abbey (Selby Abbey Organ Masters)

A rather disappointing inclusion in the Selby Abbey series [MSt]

Vivaldi: La Stravanganza (Brilliant Classics)

Delightful contemporary keyboard arrangements of some of Vivaldi’s best-known concerti [MSt]

Vivaldi: Nulla pax in mundo (Gramola)

The performances are neat and stylish, but the expressive and theatrical features of Vivaldi’s music are underexposed [JV]

Amate stelle GCD923536

Amate Stelle (Glossa)

Baroque opera enthusiasts should snap up this disc [GF]