Vaughan Williams

VW future CDLX7411

Vaughan Williams: The Steersman, The Future, Fantasia (Dutton)

Sheds fresh light on Vaughan Williams’ composing activities around the turn of the twentieth century [JQ]

ferrier british songs naxos

Kathleen Ferrier (contralto) Songs of the British Isles (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Craftsmanship that is quite incredible … remarkable control … a masterful, spirited and dynamic touch [EML]

Vaughan Williams: Symphonies Nos 1-9 (RCA)

Over fifty years on, this set is still holding up pretty well, despite a few negligible flaws [RMo]

Fathom five DACOCD607

Full Fathom Five (Danacord)

Altogether a pleasurable experience [RB]

vaughan williams birthday garland somm

Vaughan Williams – A Birthday Garland (SOMM Recordings)

A fine representative collection; no more rustic accents, please [JW]

albion ralph vaughan williams serenade to music

Vaughan Williams’ Serenade to Music (Albion Records)

An interesting concept executed with imagination and insight [NB]

Vaughan Williams Birthday Garland Somm CD0683

Vaughan Williams: A Birthday Garland (SOMM Recordings)

Lovers of English song should not hesitate: acquire this disc and gatecrash Uncle Ralph’s musical party [JQ]

Ruby Hughes (soprano): End of My Days (BIS)

An outstanding recital; elegantly conceived, ideally recorded and beautifully performed [RHa]

Szigeti Bach Brahms RVW Biddulph 850412

Joseph Szigeti (violin) Bach, Brahms & Vaughan Williams (Biddulph)

Humble pie time for a reviewer [JW]

albion ralph vaughan williams serenade to music

Vaughan Williams’ Serenade to Music (Albion Records)

Another transfer of the 1938 Serenade to Music and miscellaneous songs from the 16 singers [JW]

The-Monarchs Music Collis Smith CRD 3545 barnardbarnard

The Monarch’s Music (CRD)

A timely and enjoyable celebration of music for royal occasions [WH]

albion ralph vaughan williams serenade to music

Vaughan Williams’s Serenade to Music (Albion Records)

This important historical document must be judged on its own terms [JF]

A Year at Newcastle Regent REGCD582

A Year at Newcastle (Regent)

An absorbing exploration of 20th-century church music, and a few recent compositions [JF]

Sir Adrian Boult (conductor) Berg, Stravinsky & Vaughan Williams (SOMM Recordings)

A significant addition to the Boult discography [SG]

Dreams Desires Desolation English Song Divine Art ddx21114

Dreams Desires Desolation – English Song (Divine Art)

An interesting disc of English Parlour Songs suffers from a lack of personality and variety [PT]

elgar orchestral lso

Elgar: Orchestral Works (LSO Live)

Best avoided – there are many far superior options [RMo]

dreams desires divine art

Dreams, Desires, Desolation (Divine Art)

A substantial exploration of English song [JF]

RVW Job RLPO Manze Onyx 4240

Vaughan Williams: Job – A Masque for Dancing (Onyx)

A highly persuasive account of Job [JQ]

Parry Holst RVW Christmas Choral Lyrita SRCD270

Parry: Ode on the Nativity (Lyrita)

(Déjà Review) The reappearance on CD of these performances is a cause for great celebration [JQ]

RVW Hodie Fantasia Naxos 8.570439

Vaughan Williams: Hodie (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Though not quite ideal in the popular Fantasia, this version of Hodie brings to life a work which I had previously written off as one of RVW’s few failures [BW]

VW christmas CHAN10385

Vaughan Williams: Music for Christmas (Chandos)

(Déjà Review) Beautifully sensitive performances atmospherically recorded [RB]

Sir Adrian Boult (conductor) (ICA Classics)

A previously unissued live Sinfonia antartica heads this 40th anniversary Boult release [JW]

The-Monarchs Music Collis Smith CRD 3545 barnardbarnard

The Monarch’s Music (CRD)

Admirers of music for Military Band and its performing traditions will enjoy this diverse programme [NB]

VW Tavener MacMillan Hyperion CDA68420

Vaughan Williams, MacMillan, Tavener: Choral Works (Hyperion)

Splendid Vaughan Williams, and the other works are not to be missed on any account [WH]