Prima Facie

fraser-simson milne prima facie

Fraser-Simson: Songs of AA Milne (Prima Facie)

No one will go away unhappy after hearing this music [WK]

Stevenson friends PFCD202

Ronald Stevenson & Friends (Prima Facie)

A wonderful memorial to a great Scottish pianist and composer by his friends in music [GT]

Liszt vol2 PFCD21011

Liszt: Piano Works Vol. 2 (Prima Facie)

If you haven’t yet caught up with Hamilton’s Liszt then what are you waiting for? [DMD]

Liszt vol2 PFCD21011

Liszt: Salon and Stage (Prima Facie)

This wonderful recital shows the amazing breadth of Liszt’s response to the composers who wrote for stages both grand and intimate [RCh]

Liszt vol2 PFCD21011

Liszt: Piano Works Vol. 2 (Prima Facie)

Hamilton appears very clearly passionate about this music [JF]

Pantcheff organ PFCD174175

Pantcheff: Organ works (Prima Facie)

A generously-filled recording of organ music by an accomplished contemporary composer [MSt]

Ronald Stevenson and Friends Prima Facie PFCD202

Ronald Stevenson and Friends (Prima Facie)

A fitting tribute to one of the greatest, but sadly underrated, British composers of the last hundred years [JF]

Godfrey nightingale PFCD197

Corfield Godfrey: The Nightingale and the Rose (Prima Facie)

Admiringly appraised … a contemporary ‘take’ on romantic and lush impressionism [RB]

Metamorphosis Contemporary Harpsichord Prima Facie PFCD191

Contemporary Music for Harpsichord (Prima Facie)

A persuasive survey of music written for the twentieth-century harpsichord revival [MSt]

Liszt: Death and Transfiguration (Prima Facie)

thoroughly enjoyed this set – clearly a lot of thought went into programming these pieces [JWe]

Power: 29 Songs (Prima Facie)

A serious purveyor of probing singable songs, scalpel-sharp [RB]

Hand PFCD192

Hand: Collection (Prima Facie)

A great introduction to the composer’s oeuvre [JF]