Collection Grands Motets No 9: Lully – Te Deum Vol 4 (Château de Versailles)

The final disc in a series of four devoted to Lully’s choral motets [JV]

The King’s Playlist – recital (Linn)

A promising debut: a portrait of musical life at Louis XIV’s court [JV]

Les Hautbois à la Chambre du Roi (Ricercar)

A fascinating picture of music at the time of Louis XIV [JV]

Lully: Atys (Château de Versailles)

This will bring much pleasure to lovers of French Baroque [SG]

Lully: Thésée (Aparté)

Lully’s Thésée sounds glorious in this period-instrument performance [MC]

Lully: Benedictus (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

An impressive testimony of Lully’s skills as a composer of sacred music [JV]

Lully acis 37971

Lully: Acis et Galatée (Dynamic)

A premiere filming of Lully’s major stage work: intelligent production, convincing performance [RWe]

Lully Psyche CVS086

Lully: Psyché (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

Rousset’s lively new version of Psyché offers the listener much pleasure [MP]