American and English Orchestral Music (Claves)

A fascinating juxtaposition of the familiar and the unfamiliar [PJ]

Szigeti Recital at USC 1957 Biddulph 85039-2

Joseph Szigeti (violin) Recital at USC 1957 (Biddulph)

Late Szigeti: time to flog a dead horse [JW]

american choral classics divine art

American Choral Classics (Divine Art)

An enjoyable performance of Copland’s fine In the Beginning; otherwise of variable quality [GPJ]

Ives: Complete Sets for Chamber Orchestra (Naxos)

Colourful and quirky Ives receiving skilled if somewhat studious performances [NB]

Schuman Symphony 10 Slatkin RCA 09026 612822

Schuman: Symphony 10 (RCA)

A useful survey of Schuman’s works [SB]

Ives St Louis Slatkin RCA 09026-61222-2

Ives: Symphony 3, Three Places in New England (RCA)

A satisfying recital that is strong on earnest and shining integrity [RB]