Holmboe Preludes for Sinfonietta v2 Dacapo 8.224124

Holmboe: Preludes for Sinfonietta Vol 2 (Dacapo)

(Déjà Review) Anyone who loves the symphonies will find these works as satisfying as the larger pieces. They are easy to listen to, once the Holmboe idiom has been assimilated, and will repay the listener ten times over [JP]

jensen legacy danacord

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol. 20 (Danacord)

Holmboe’s Seventh Symphony heads a varied and packed historic Danacord twofer [JW]

Holmboe: String Quartets Vol. 2 (Dacapo)

These glowing performances testify that Holmboe is a leading figure in twentieth-century music [GH]

Holmboe qtets2 6220717SACD

Holmboe: Quartets Vol 2 (Dacapo)

The Nightingale Quartet continues its admirable Holmboe cycle [JW]