Gary Higginson

Sacred Treasures of Venice (Hyperion)

A fine young male choir in known and little-known repertoire [GH]

Vecchi Motets Dynamic CDS8001

Vecchi: Six-Voice Motets (Dynamic)

Complete motets by a prolific but overlooked Italian renaissance master [GH]

Secrets of Armenia – recital (Grand Piano)

First recordings of music by little-known composers, in convincing performances [GH]

blyton choral upbeat

Blyton: Choral Works (Upbeat Records)

(Déjà Review) This music, simply delightful as it is, could well change your life [GH]

Paradigma italy 96922

Paradigma Medioevo: Music from 14th-century Italy (Brilliant Classics)

This can be a good introduction to the 14th century Italian Ars nova [GH]

ludford paraty ymaginacions

Ymaginacions – Mass upon John Dunstable’s square (Paraty)

A Lady Mass by a leading early Tudor composer in an exciting, unique performance [GH]

Tveitt Hundred Hardanger Tunes Naxos 8.555770

Tveitt: A Hundred Hardanger Tunes Suites Nos 2 & 5 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Between Engeset and the RSNO, this music is coaxed into shape without effort or artificiality. Highly recommended [GH]

Enlighten Israeli Trios Meridian CDE84669

Enlighten: Israeli Piano Trios (Meridian)

Beautifully performed piano trios by composers from Central Europe who settled in Israel [GH]

Las Huelgas Codex, Vol 1 (Brilliant Classics)

The mediaeval Las Huelgas Codex, the first instalment, in no-nonsense interpretations [GH]

sciarrino paesaggi kairos

Sciarrino: Paesaggi con macerie (Kairos)

A remarkably original voice in contemporary Italian music [GH]

Guerrero Sacerdos CDA68408

Guerrero: Ecce sacerdos magnus (Hyperion)

This is another of The Brabant Ensemble’s fine recordings of music by Spain’s greatest Renaissance master [GH]

Eva Zöllner (piano accordion) – voces, señales (Genuin)

Contemporary Columbian music for the piano accordion which takes a great deal of getting used to [GH]

Aichinger Virginalia 1607 Tactus TC560101

Aichinger: Virginalia 1607 – Motets (Tactus)

Discover complete Marian motets by a respected but largely forgotten late-Renaissance German master [GH]

Christmas from the Chapel Royal (Resonus)

A fine all-male choir in an unusual, well-balanced programme to suit a wide variety of tastes [GH]

Berio: Complete Piano Music (Grand Piano)

The complete recording of Berio’s little-known piano works [GH]

Susato salve RAM2205

Salve Susato: 16th Century vocal works (Ramée)

Music which the great Susato printed, drawn together for a view of his incredible publishing achievement [GH]

panufnik composing myself toccata

Composing Myself (Toccata Press)

One of the most important composer autobiographies [GH]

Kelly Chamber Music Toccata 10702

Kelly: Chamber Music (Toccata Classics)

Fine premiere recordings of chamber music by a little-known Australian who perished on the Somme [GH]

Rise salford PRCD1249

Rise Up and Wonder (Priory)

New sacred music of talented women composers, sung by a fine and sympathetic choir [GH]

zygmunt noskowski symphonies-nos 1 2

Noskowski: Symphonies Nos 1 & 2 (Capriccio)

Symphonies by a little-known Romantic Polish composer, played with understanding and immediacy [GH]

Tveitt Hardanger Tunes Suites 1&4 Naxos 8.555078

Tveitt: Hardanger Tunes, Suites 1 & 4 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Engeset coaxes this gorgeous material into shape without effort or artificiality [GH]

Magalhaes masses CDA68403

Magalhães: Masses (Hyperion)

A fine choir in rare late Renaissance Portuguese repertoire, sung with style and skill [GH]

Prokofiev: Piano Sonatas 5, 6 & 9 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) I was captivated with Glemser’s playing which emphasises the lyrical and romantic side [GH]

Carissimi Ten Motets Naxos 8.555076

Carissimi: Ten Motets (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Music helped by the beautiful and beatific voice of bass Garrick Comeaux [GH]