Fuga Libera


Pacific Quintet: United (Fuga Libera)

The playing on this outstanding issue is nothing short of spectacularly good [GPJ]

Franck: Les Béatitudes (Fuga Libera)

A fine performance of this ambitious but uneven work, but note the skimpy documentation [SB]

Benoit: Heaven and Hell (Fuga Libera)

Olympian choral works of massively varying quality [JW]

Soaked in Colour (Fuga Libera)

There are a few winners here, but no consistency [MP]

rachmaninov symphony fuga libera

Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 2 (Fuga Libera)

This new recording from the Urals is a top recommendation [GT]

MahlerA songs FUG796

Alma Mahler: Meine Seele – Complete Songs (Fuga Libera)

Alma Mahler’s songs are utterly attractive, but the singing here may not be to everybody’s taste [GF]

In the Streets of London – A 17th Century Musical Pub Tour (Fuga Libera)

The music of the people, as heard in London in 1651, played with verve and character [GH]

rachmaninov symphony fuga libera

Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 2 (Fuga Libera)

A performance suffused with the Russian spirit, technically and sonically proficient, aesthetically satisfying [RMo]

Shostakovich symph 10 Liss Fuga Libera FUG809

Shostakovich: Symphony 10 (Fuga Libera)

A fine, live performance of Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony by a top-class Russian orchestra [GT]

Prokofiev sym2 FUG798

Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No 2 (Fuga Libera)

An outstanding release of Prokofiev’s music by a top class Russian orchestra from the Urals [GT]

Sophie Pacini (piano) Puzzle (Fuga Libera)

A very personal and individual approach to these romantic works that would not be for everyone [RCh]