Vecchi Motets Dynamic CDS8001

Vecchi: Six-Voice Motets (Dynamic)

Complete motets by a prolific but overlooked Italian renaissance master [GH]

Busoni Doktor Faust Meister Dynamic 37998 DVD

Busoni: Doktor Faust (Dynamic)

Good singing and lighting do not outweigh poor orchestral playing and perverse staging [SB]

Liszt-Beethoven: Complete Symphonies Vol 3 (Dynamic)

Vigorous and purposeful performances with an eye for detail [RCh]

20th century flute dynamic

20th Century Middle European Flute Music (Dynamic)

Four 20th century composers united in their response to political extremism [JF]

bach goldberg dynamic

Bach: Goldberg Variations (Dynamic)

Bach, beautifully embroidered [PJ]

Maderna Venetian Journal Bonolis Dynamic CDS8008

Maderna: Serenata per un satellite & other works (Dynamic)

An important Maderna monograph seems to fill some gaps in the catalogue. One for the specialist, however, rather than the general listener [RHa]

Donizetti favorite 37992

Donizetti: La favorite (Dynamic)

“La favorite” is well served in a complete new edition, well sung and staged [RWe]

Mendelssohn: Fantasies, Caprices, Variations (Dynamic)

Shihyun Lee never misses the mark in this wonderful collection of Mendelssohn’s sometimes overlooked piano works [RCh]

Beethoven mehta 37950 1

Beethoven: Symphonies 1-9 (Dynamic)

A long awaited cycle that is ultimately disappointing [LD]

Beethoven: Symphonies Nos 1-9 (Dynamic)

Some good things here, but as a whole this is not competitive [SB]

Beethoven mehta 57950

Beethoven: Symphonies 1-9 (Dynamic)

A refreshing survey of the Beethoven symphonies from Zubin Mehta [GT]

Cortese: Chamber and vocal music (Dynamic)

Not flawless but interesting (re)introduction to the work of a neglected neoclassical Italian composer [GPu]

bach well-tempered clavier dynamic

Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Books I & II (Dynamic)

For a satisfying harpsichord version of these glorious works, this new release will offer rewards aplenty [SG]

Cavalli: Il Xerse (Dynamic)

A welcome release, but with one important shortcoming [MP]

stravinsky oedipus dynamic

Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex (Dynamic)

A well-performed Stravinsky masterpiece, and a related work by Pizzetti [RWe]

Lully acis 37971

Lully: Acis et Galatée (Dynamic)

A premiere filming of Lully’s major stage work: intelligent production, convincing performance [RWe]

Stravinsky Oedipus Rex Gatti Dynamic DVD 37981

Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex (Dynamic)

A decent concert performance of Stravinsky’s great work, with a rarity to precede it [SB]

Refice Cecilia CDS796702

Refice: Cecilia (Dynamic)

Excellent orchestral playing, choral singing and conducting compromised by sub-par solo voices and thus a missed opportunity [RMo]

Scriabin: Visionary and Poet (Dynamic)

A mostly successful recital of early Scriabin with a couple of rarities [RCh]

mascagni l'amico fritz dynamic

Mascagni: L’amico Fritz (Dynamic)

A very good way to discover the attractions of Mascagni’s second opera [RWe]

Mercadante: Messa solenne (Dynamic)

An intriguing revival of music which makes grand gestures but mostly remains oddly bland and uninvolving [RMo]

Strauss: Ariadne auf Naxos (Dynamic)

A modern-dress production that plays it pretty straight, and a very strong singing team [ST]

D'Alay Dresden Concertos Reale Concerto Dynamic CDS7982

D’Alay: The Dresden Concertos (Dynamic)

Pleasant, undemanding and unremarkable [DJB]

Wagner ring 57964

Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen [Dynamic)

A spectacular staging of a visually impressive and finely performed Ring from Bulgaria [GT]