Lacombe: Orchestral Works (Dutton)

Attractively tuneful scores, little known but well worthy of revival [RMay]

damase orchestral dutton

Damase: Orchestral Works v2 (Dutton)

Superbly performed concertante music by a French neo-classical conservative [NB]

VW future CDLX7411

Vaughan Williams: The Steersman, The Future, Fantasia (Dutton)

Sheds fresh light on Vaughan Williams’ composing activities around the turn of the twentieth century [JQ]

Flute Music Women Composers Dutton CDLX7409

Music for Flute by Women Composers (Dutton)

The flute is the focus in an album of works by British women composers [JW]

state fair dutton

State Fair and the 20th Century-Fox Songbook (Dutton)

A celebration of great Hollywood musicals of the 40’s & 50’s performed with stunning style, sophistication and pizzazz [NB]

swain chamber dutton

Swain: Chamber Works (Dutton)

Convincing premiere recordings of some of Freda Swain’s chamber music [JW]

Salzedo String Quartets Dutton CDLX7113

Salzedo: String Quartets Nos 2 & 7 (Dutton)

(Déjà Review) A quartet cycle that must rank as a major achievement in the genre. Performances of great integrity [CT]

Mahler: Symphony 9 (Dutton)

(Déjà Review) Anyone interested in the history of this symphony needs to have at least one version of this recording [TD]

Bax: Violin Concerto, Symphony No. 3 (Dutton)

(Déjà Review) De rigueur addition for all Baxians and an antidote to the sleepy sloppy school of Baxian interpretation [RB]

Bowen Violin Piano Concertos Dutton CDLX 7169

Bowen: Violin Concerto & Piano Concerto 1 (Dutton)

(Déjà Review) Such lavish extravagance of melody and sentiment [RB]

Butterworth: Chamber Music (Dutton)

(Déjà Review) Tuneful and tonal works from a contemporary composer, in accomplished and suave performances [EML]

Vaughan Williams: 49th Parallel (Dutton)

All VW devotees should ensure they hear this ear-opening disc without delay [JQ]

brahms krauss dutton

Brahms: Symphony 1, Alto Rhapsody (Dutton)

(Déjà Review) A must have for all historical devotees [GFe]