Mahler: Symphony No 10 (Delos)

(Déjà Review) We will never know what Mahler 10 would have  been like, but I’m sure it would not have sounded like this [TD]

mendelssohn octet delos

Mendelssohn: Octet & Sextet (Delos)

(Déjà Review) A real winner in terms of repertoire, performance, interpretation, sound quality and sheer enjoyment [MC]

Where is my Beloved Siurina Delos DE3602

Ekaterina Siurina (soprano) Where Is My Beloved? (Delos)

I have enjoyed hearing this praiseworthy collection of ten celebrated opera arias [MC]

Ekaterina Siurina (soprano): Where Is My Beloved? (Delos)

A stream of imperturbably sedate tone, virtually devoid of characterisation [RMo]

respighi roman trilogy delos

Respighi’s Rome (Delos)

(Déjà Review) A distinguished issue which will give much pleasure and can be recommended confidently [JQ]

Siurina beloved DE3602

Ekaterina Siurina (soprano) Where Is My Beloved? (Delos)

Ekaterina Siurina’s voice is in mint condition, with perfectly controlled vibrato and a glowing delivery [GF]

mahler symphony litton delos

Mahler: Symphony No. 10 (Delos)

(Déjà Review) With a top-rate Mahler conductor in charge of a top class orchestra, this recording demands serious attention [TB]

Nina Kotova (cello): Solo Cello (Delos)

Passionate, gutsy cello playing in a beautifully planned programme [DM]

Gevorg Hakobyan (baritone): Arias of Love and Sorrow (Delos)

Uncertain singing, but honest music-making and interesting repertoire [GF]

Schulhoff shapeshifter DE3566

Schulhoff: Shapeshifter (Delos)

Praiseworthy performances of fascinating repertoire [MC]

zwilich orchestral de3596

Zwilich: Orchestral Works (Delos)

Beautifully crafted and entertaining music, showing the composer’s stylistic evolution [DJB]

Schulhoff shapeshifter DE3566

Schulhoff: Shapeshifter (Delos)

A great introduction to the achievement of an unjustifiably less well-known composer [JF]