Dominy Clements

Leguay Momenti piano works Cybele SACD 162402

Leguay: Momenti – Piano Works (Cybele)

Serious, monumental piano music with a distinctive French flavour [DC]

four times bach hdklassik

Four times Bach (HD Klassik)

Rich and vital performances in excellent sound [DC]

H2O Respighi Rimsky-Korsakov Ravel ANCLEF 20240322


Water three ways with piano four-hands – superb! [DC]

bacchetti concert monarda

Andrea Bacchetti (piano): In Concert (Monarda Music)

More than just a souvenir of a fine recital [DC]

Grahl & JS Bach: Organ Works (Cobra Records)

A remarkable première for Amsterdam’s hyperorgan [DC]

sommerro borders 2l

Sommerro: Borders (2L)

Three fascinating concertos from Norway [DC]

Forget this Night Dain Armstrong 7 Mountains 7MNTN046

Forget This Night (7 Mountain Records)

A must-have disc for all collectors of good song recitals [DC]

Lutoslawski Christmas Carols Wit Naxos 8.555994

Lutosławski: Twenty Polish Christmas Carols (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Makes one glad to be alive during the sparkling darkness of midwinter [DC]

Bach Goldberg Var Syriab Trion Solaire SOL1015

Bach: Goldberg Variations (Solaire)

…something rich and strange [DC]

Sumera Mushroom Cantata BISCD1560

Sumera: Mushroom Cantata (BIS)

(Déjà Review) As irreplaceable as a volume by a favourite author – be sure never to lend it to anyone; you’re unlikely to get it back! [DC]

fantastissimus navis classics

Fantastissimus (Navis Classics)

Rich, strange and vibrantly colourful [DC]

Review Clements SOMMCD0675 Cascade

Cordelia Williams (piano): Cascade (SOMM Recordings)

A fine recital of miniature masterpieces [DC]

medtner in england somm

Medtner in England (SOMM Recordings)

An appealing programme for Medtner collectors and newcomers alike [DC]

Trondheim Concertos 2L172SABD

The Trondheim Concertos (2L)

Superlative performances in demonstration sound quality [DC]

old hall ladymass 2l

An Old Hall Ladymass (2L)

Transcendent music, stunningly recorded [DC]

Leighton Every Living Creature SOMMCD 0667

Leighton: Every Living Creature (SOMM Recordings)

An album to treasure [DC]

Monteverdi: Vespers (Hyperion)

(Déjà Review) Truly mind-blowing – I can’t imagine it being replaced any time soon [DC]

mozart bacchetti classicvoice piano

Mozart: Piano Works (ClassicVoice)

Nice performances, but more one for the Bacchetti completists [DC]

JS Bach: The Art of Fugue (Ramee)

A suggestion that the art of counterpoint is infinite [DC]

Cutler garden aether

Cutler: Garden (Æther Sound)

Heavily ambient instrumental compositions [DC]

Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Books I-II (Capriccio)

(Déjà Review) A fine synergy: superb instrument, performer and recording [DC]

McElroy tongues SOMMCD0665

McElroy: Tongues of Fire (SOMM)

Extends the tradition of Britten with an added edge of unflinching American-ness [DC]

Francaix Chamber Music Brilliant 96341

Françaix: Chamber Music (Brilliant Classics)

Refreshing Frenchness in a blast from the past [DC]

studer legacy claves

Michael Studer (piano) The Legacy (Claves)

(Déjà Review) Buy it for the Bach, and become enthralled by the rest [DC]