Channel Classics

Spohr vol3 CCS46024

The Spohr Collection Vol. 3 (Channel Classics)

A delightful selection of flute works played on a variety of original instruments [JW]

Beethoven sym3 CCSSA46524SACD

Beethoven: Symphony No 3 (Channel Classics)

Fischer balances the suavely light and the resiliently heroic [MG]

Jos Van Immerseel (harpsichord) Le clavecin à Paris au XVIIIe siècle (Channel Classics)

A compelling survey of French harpsichord composing and harpsichord making in the 18th century [JV]

CPE Bach: Sonatas for Keyboard & Violin (Channel Classics)

Enjoyable performances compromised by the use of an anachronistic fortepiano [JV]

Rachmaninov concertos CCSBOX7723

Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos, Rhapsody (Channel Classics)

An individual, quite impressive view of these masterworks [RWe]

Bach: Goldberg Variations Reimagined (Channel Classics)

Goldberg meets Brandenburg in a very successful merger [DJB]

Rachmaninov PC3 CCS45023

Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.3 (Channel Classics)

A very personal and compelling recording, if a touch idiosyncratic, of Rach 3 [MB]

Grosz: Achtung, Aufnahme!! (Channel Classics)

Werner Herbers’s swansong with his Ebony Band: more previously unrecorded Weimar delights [JW]

The Spohr Collection Vol 2 (Channel Classics)

Unique opportunity to hear baroque flute concertos on historical transverse flutes [JV]

podger tutta channel

Rachel Podger (violin): Tutta sola (Channel Classics)

Quite exceptional performances of rarely heard pre-Bach Baroque solo violin works [PB]

Prokofiev: Violin Concertos (Channel Classics)

Could be the recording that takes Milstein’s career out of the wings onto centre stage [DM]

Brahms syms CCSBOX7322

Brahms: Symphonies (Channel)

A variable Brahms cycle, let down by inconsistent conducting decisions and an unfortunate lack of contextual information in the booklet [ST]