De Visee Theorbo Solos BIS SACD 2562

de Visée: Theorbo Solos (BIS)

Music by Louis XIV’s favourite lutenist, played with distinction on a wonderfully resonant, warm instrument [GH]

Henselt, Bronsart: Piano Concerti (BIS)

Unequivocally first-rate, brilliant in every respect – for the lover of 19th-century piano concertos [EJW]

Mozart: Symphonies 34-36 (BIS)

Vivacious performances in crystalline sound with perfect balances among sections [RMo]

Sibelius: Rondo of the Waves (BIS)

(Déjà Review) Exalted performance values and rare vintage Sibelius [RB]

Aho: Contrabassoon & Tuba Concertos (BIS)

(Déjà Review) Merely broaden your horizons or enter an entirely new world, either way – this is something special [DC]

Mignone: Orchestral works (BIS)

(Déjà Review) Brilliant, colourful music by a South American composer whom you will want to get to know better [PSh]

Hellstenius Public Behaviour BIS 2665 SACD

Hellstenius: Public Behaviour (BIS)

Two riveting and provocative vocal works which muse upon modes of communication in modern life. Virtuosic and entertaining [RHa]

Bach JS: Sonatas and Partitas (BIS)

Dazzling virtuosity, sometimes at the expense of the music [ZT]

Bach clavierbk1 BIS2621

JS Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 (BIS)

Excellent and compelling [SG]

beethoven sonatas bis

Beethoven: Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol 4 (BIS)

(Déjà Review) Another success … carry on collecting with pleasure [TH]

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5, The Voyevoda, Capriccio italien  (BIS)

(Déjà Review) Popular and not so well known pieces, excellently played and stunningly recorded [JPh]

Sibelius Tone Poems Malkki Helsinki BIS 2638 SACD

Sibelius: Lemminkäinen Legends, Rakastava & Karelia Suite (BIS)

Fine performances, presented in exemplary sound [JQ]

Scarlatti: Sonatas (BIS)

(Déjà Review) A pianist to watch out for, and a recording that need not fear critical listening [ED]

Ruby Hughes (soprano): End of My Days (BIS)

An outstanding recital; elegantly conceived, ideally recorded and beautifully performed [RHa]

couperin lecons bis

F Couperin: Leçons de Ténèbres (BIS)

(Déjà Review) Music-making of a high order [RH]

Mahler: Symphony No 8 (BIS)

Not a library choice but there’s a lot going for this recording of the Eighth [JQ]

john pickard mass in troubled times

Pickard: Mass in Troubled Times (BIS)

A lesser-known facet of Pickard’s output, with a viscerally thrilling performance of the Mass [HC]

Shostakovich: Chamber Symphonies (BIS)

(Déjà Review) This is a challenging and absorbing listening experience [PJL]

Jarrell: Orchestral Works (BIS)

Gripping, inventive, often beautiful music in superb performance and recording [HC]

Mahler Symph 8 Vanska BIS 2496SACD

Mahler: Symphony No 8 (BIS)

Vänskä’s performance of Symphony of a Thousand; a rave review [EJW]

Leiviskä: Orchestral Works Volume 1 (BIS)

An auspicious first volume of orchestral music by an unfamiliar Finnish composer [NB]

Wilms: The Piano Concertos, Vol 2 (BIS)

If you like the fortepiano, you’ll enjoy this [SFV]

Kuusisto sym BIS2747

Kuusisto: Symphony (BIS)

Two remarkably cogent pieces, each composed by more than one hand [RHa]

Beethoven Harp String Quartet Chiaroscuro BIS2668SACD

Beethoven: String Quartets Opp 74 & 130 (BIS)

A very fine recording of the Harp Quartet, although the outer movements of the Op130 quartet are lacking in power and thus take the disc down a notch [MZ]