Menges vln 850472

Isolde Menges (violin) (Biddulph)

A great artist’s important legacy restored, including first recordings of Beethoven, Bach and Vaughan Williams [JW]

René Benedetti (violin): In Concert (Biddulph)

Suave, stylish, scintillating and virtuosic; René Benedetti in his prime [JW]

Joseph Szigeti (violin): Complete AFRS Recordings and Live Performances (Biddulph)

An attractive programme of rare items from Szigeti’s discography [JW]

Adila Fachiri and Marie Soldat (violin): (Biddulph)

Fachiri, Tovey and Soldat: historic recordings freighted with significance [JW]

Mischa Elman (violin): The Complete RCA Victor Recordings (Biddulph)

An Elman discographic lacuna is put right; fine transfers too [JW]

Beethoven lener 850422

Beethoven: String quartets (Biddulph)

Two late acoustics from the Léner Quartet offer opportunities for contrast with their 1930s remakes [JW]

Szigeti Bach Brahms RVW Biddulph 850412

Joseph Szigeti (violin) Bach, Brahms & Vaughan Williams (Biddulph)

Humble pie time for a reviewer [JW]

Szigeti Recital at USC 1957 Biddulph 85039-2

Joseph Szigeti (violin) Recital at USC 1957 (Biddulph)

Late Szigeti: time to flog a dead horse [JW]

Mischa Elman (violin) plays Mozart and Paganini (Biddulph)

RCA LPs restored, showing Elman schmoozing his way through Mozart and encore trinkets [JW]

Kathleen Parlow (violin): Complete Recordings (Biddulph)

A long overdue salute to an overlooked Auer student and a Canadian violinist of technical polish [JW]

Louis Kaufman sonatas Biddulph

Louis Kaufman (violin): Violin Sonatas (Biddulph)

A generously well-filled disc featuring an outstanding fiddle player [SG]

Rachmaninov: Symphony No.3, The Bells (Biddulph)

Astonishingly vivid off-air survivors from London’s Queen’s Hall in the 1930s [JW]

Wendling Quartet: DG and Electrola Recordings (Biddulph)

An important cache of early chamber music recordings heard in debatable transfers [JW]

Louis Kaufman sonatas Biddulph

Louis Kaufman (violin): Violin Sonatas (Biddulph)

A stylish release featuring a quartet of sonatas played by the sumptuous tonalist Louis Kaufman [JW]

elman tchaikovsky biddulph

Mischa Elman (violin) Tchaikovsky & Wieniawski (Biddulph)

Elman in Slavic repertoire: genteel decline in action [JW]

Oscar Shumsky (violin): Live at Berkeley (Biddulph)

Shumsky in a previously unreleased recital – a magnificent violinist with an admirable pianist [JW]

Eudice Shapiro (violin) (Biddulph)

A lovingly restored aural document of an exceptional violinist and remarkable musician [SG]

art eudice shapiro biddulph

The Art of Eudice Shapiro (violin) (Biddulph)

Better away from the concerto spotlight [RMas]

Eudice Shapiro (violin): Sonatas and duos (Biddulph)

The admirable art of violinist Eudice Shapiro, heard in core repertory [JW]

art eudice shapiro biddulph

The Art of Eudice Shapiro (violin) (Biddulph)

The versatile art of Eudice Shapiro: a natural quartet leader rather than soloist [JW]

Bronisław Gimpel (violin) Violin Concertos (Biddulph)

Gimpel’s Vox concertos: rich in virtuosity, glamour and colour [JW]

PrimroseSQ RCA Victor Biddulph 85023-2

Primrose String Quartet: The Complete RCA Victor Recordings (Biddulph)

William Primrose’s elite string quartet recordings back after 30 years [JW]

Kreisler bell 850222

Fritz Kreisler: Bell Telephone Vol. 3 (Biddulph)

Kreisler’s 1945-50 radio broadcasts continue with a consistently good selection [JW]

Aaron Rosand (violin) The First Recordings (Biddulph)

Rosand’s first Vox recordings are restored for a new generation [JW]