Bax SQ 1&2 Maggini Naxos 8555282

Bax: String Quartets Nos 1 & 2 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) You must hear this! One of 2001’s top ten classical discs. Roll on the Naxos/Maggini Third Quartet – a work of symphonic impact and scale [RB]

Bax sym6 8557144

Sir Arnold Bax: Symphony No. 6 (Naxos)

A thrilling, evocative reading of Bax’s finest symphonic accomplishment [IL]

rarities piano husum 2022 danacord

Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss vor Husum – August 2022 Festival (Danacord)

Another enjoyable portrait of this enduring festival which still piles on the surprises and delights [RCh]

lord's my shepherd acis

The Lord’s My Shepherd (Acis)

This well-chosen programme is more interesting and varied than many similar showcase discs [NB]

Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss vor Husum – August 2022 Festival (Danacord)

Well-chosen, interesting repertoire, and many discoveries [JF]

Bax: Violin Concerto, Symphony No. 3 (Dutton)

(Déjà Review) De rigueur addition for all Baxians and an antidote to the sleepy sloppy school of Baxian interpretation [RB]

Shadow Dances – British Works for Flute (Chandos)

A diverse and interesting programme beautifully played and recorded [NB]

Dances flute CHAN20265

Shadow Dances (Chandos)

A coterie of British composers and the flute [JW]

The King of the Golden River (SOMM Recordings)

(Déjà Review) Another enterprising album from SOMM that deserves to succeed [IL]

bax film chandos

Bax: Film Music (Chandos)

(Déjà Review) Bax’s discomfort with the medium of film music shows through [IL]