Bach CPE

CPE Bach: Sonatas for Keyboard & Violin (Channel Classics)

Enjoyable performances compromised by the use of an anachronistic fortepiano [JV]

four times bach hdklassik

Four times Bach (HD Klassik)

Rich and vital performances in excellent sound [DC]

Bach family: Family Affairs [motets] (cpo)

An impressive survey of the art of the Bach family [JV]

Mozart and his Europe (Genuin)

A beautiful tone and natural, unmannered playing and flexibility of phrasing [RCh]

CPE Bach: Piano Concertos (Hänssler)

Soloist Orazio Sciortino is in splendid form, so there is much to enjoy here [MC]

The Spohr Collection Vol 2 (Channel Classics)

Unique opportunity to hear baroque flute concertos on historical transverse flutes [JV]

CPE Bach: Württemburg Sonatas (ECM)

Sane, wise accounts of these strange, beguiling scores [DMD]

bach gamba arcana virtuosity grace

CPE and JC Bach: Viola da Gamba Sonatas (Arcana)

Virtuoso playing in superb repertoire – irresistible [DMD]

CPEBach piano concertos Sciortino Hanssler HC23008

CPE Bach: Piano Concertos (Hänssler Classic)

I’m still not entirely sold on CPE’s keyboard music, but the concertos’ slow movements did impress [DJB]

CPE and JC Bach VdG Sonatas Arcana A543

CPE and JC Bach: Viola da Gamba Sonatas (Arcana)

A captivating disc, which fully lives up to what its title promises [JV]

CPE Bach: Fantasias (Brilliant Classics)

Isn’t it time CPE Bach moved into the big time? [DMD]

More Bach (Challenge Classics)

Vibrant and energetic performances, a standout Third Brandenburg, but the disc is underfilled [DJB]

CPE Bach: Johannes-Passion (Capriccio)

(Déjà Review) Moments of great beauty as well as operating on a real dramatic trajectory [CC]

fantasie melnikov harmonia mundi

Fantasie – 7 Composers, 7 Keyboards (Harmonia Mundi)

The most fun musical history lesson I can imagine [DMD]

CPE Bach: Complete Keyboard Concertos Vol. 16 (BIS)

(Déjà Review) The latest volume in this epic project is as good a place as any to start and may be approached with confidence [BW]