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SOMM014Dyson choral wksreview
SOMM015Turnbull piano musicreview
SOMM031Violin Sonatas Goossens Turnbull Hurlstonereview review
SOMM032Castelnuovo-Tedesco pno wksreview
SOMM033Piazzolla tangosreview
SOMM035Poulenc pno wksreview
SOMM038Gurney Ferguson pno wksreview review
SOMM040Mozart str qts v1review review
SOMM042Music from France & Spainreview
SOMM043MacDowell pno wksreview
SOMM044Handel trio sonsreview
SOMM045Piazzolla tangosreview
SOMM046R Strauss vln sonreview review
SOMM047Garland for Elizabethanreview
SOMM048Rachmaninov pno wksreview
SOMM050Mendelssohn org wks v1review
SOMM051Mendelssohn org wks v2review
SOMM053Mendelssohn pno wksreview
SOMM056Bridge pno wks v1review review
SOMM057Severn & Sommereview
SOMM059de Falla La vida brevereview
SOMM060Joubert chmbr wksreview
SOMM062Arnold Lambert pno sonsreview
SOMM063Love’s voice English songreview review
SOMM065Maw Britten str qtsreview
SOMM066Mozart piano concertosreview
SOMM069Elgar sy1 transc. pnoreview review review
SOMM071Vaughan Williams sy 5review
SOMM072Glass Another look at harmonyreview
SOMM073Elgar Sea picturesreview review review
SOMM074Ireland pno wks v1review
SOMM076First night Proms 1943review
SOMM077Bach kybd wksreview
SOMM079Phyllis Sellickreview
SOMM080Lambert conducts balletreview
SOMM081Enescu Janacek Kodaly pno wksreview
SOMM082Bridge pno wks v2review
SOMM083Caccini & his circlereview
SOMM087Bridge pno qntreview
SOMM088Ireland pno wks v2review review
SOMM090-2Bach cel stes, vla gamba sonsreview
SOMM093Sibelius tone poems Boultreview
SOMM094Walton sy1review
SOMM095Handel kybd stesreview
SOMM097Dale Hurlstone pno sonsreview review
SOMM098Rachmaninov Stravinsky pno wksreview
SOMM099Ireland pno wks v3review
SOMM0101Venables chbr wksreview
SOMM0103Chopin pno wksreview
SOMM0105Seiber choral wksreview review
SOMM0107Bridge pno wks v3review
SOMM0108Barber pno wksreview
SOMM0109Mahler song cyclesreview review
SOMM0110Rachmaninov preludesreview review
SOMM0111Bliss pno wks v1review
SOMM0112Delius 2 piano v1review review
SOMM0113Joubert str qtsreview
SOMM0114Beethoven Piano Trios – Vol. 1review
SOMM0115Ireland pno wks v4review review
SOMM0118Copland Barber orch songsreview review
SOMM0120Beethoven Piano Trios – Vol. 2review
SOMM0121Mompou pno wks v1review
SOMM0122Ibert chbr wksreview
SOMM0123British Opera Overturesreview review
SOMM0124Mayerl pno wks v1review
SOMM0125King pno wksreview
SOMM0128Stanford partsongsreview review
SOMM0129Delius 2 piano transcr v2review review
SOMM0131Wallace songsreview
SOMM0133Alwyn pno wksreview
SOMM0135Beethoven Piano Trios – Vol. 3review
SOMM0137Ireland songsreview
SOMM0138Crown imperialreview
SOMM0140Howells choral wksreview review
SOMM0144Beethoven Piano Trios – Vol. 4review
SOMM0145Arnold Elgar string arrsreview
SOMM0147Coke pno wksreview review
SOMM0148Bliss pno wks v2review
SOMM0149Mayerl pno wks v2review
SOMM0151Liszt songsreview
SOMM0152Barber choral wksreview
SOMM0156Schubert octetreview
SOMM0157Shostakovich Matthews pno qntsreview
SOMM0159English visionariesreview review
SOMM0160Stanford str qtsreview review review
SOMM0162Haydn pno sonsreview
SOMM0164VW piano wksreview review
SOMM0165Alwyn str qtsreview
SOMM0166Joubert south of the linereview
SOMM0167Elgar rediscoveredreview
SOMM0169French vln sonsreview
SOMM0170Elgar & peersreview
SOMM0171Spanish string wksreview
SOMM0172Castelnuovo-Tedesco piano wksreview
SOMM0173Tchaikovsky piano wksreview
SOMM0174Echoes of Land and Seareview review
SOMM0177Celebrating English Songreview
SOMM0178Piano duoreview
SOMM0179Rubbra sysreview
SOMM0180Gluepot connectionreview review review
SOMM0183Bantock rediscovered review review
SOMM0184Bennett choral wksreview
SOMM0185Stanford str qtsreview review review
SOMM0187In remembrancereview
SOMM0189Darkest midnightreview
SOMM0190Beethoven septetreview
SOMM0191Mozart pno sons v1review
SOMM0192Coates songsreview review
SOMM0193Bax pno wksreview review review
SOMM0195Songs of renewalreview
SOMM0196Colour & nightreview
SOMM0198Mozart pno sons v2review
SOMM0199Leipzig circle v1review
SOMM0201Janáček Nine Male Chorusesreview
SOMM204The long day closesreview
SOMM212Britten Noyes fluddereview
SOMM220Elgar songsreview review
SOMM221Tučapský Violin C & Viola Creview review
SOMM222King of the golden riverreview
SOMM234Dyson works for chorus & orchreview review
SOMM237Salsa neuvareview
SOMM241British PCsreview review
SOMM242Bax Ireland pno/orchreview
SOMM243Fringes of the fleetreview
SOMM244Copland Finzi clar concsreview
SOMM245Mahler sy4review
SOMM246Mathias PCsreview review review
SOMM247Elgar music in wartimereview review review
SOMM248Geminiani sonatasreview
SOMM249Prokofiev pno sonsreview
SOMM250Falla Gardens of Spainreview review
SOMM25120th cent cello sonsreview
SOMM252Elgar Music for Powick Asylumreview
SOMM253Rachmaninov PC1review
SOMM254British PCsreview
SOMM255Elgar Binyon settingsreview review
SOMM257Parry songs v1review review
SOMM258Ravel PCreview
SOMM260Gershwin PCreview
SOMM261-4Elgar remasteredreview
SOMM262Scriabin sonatasreview
SOMM263Joubert Jane Eyrereview
SOMM265Albeniz Mignone PCsreview
SOMM267Elgar choral wksreview
SOMM268Mozart PCsreview
SOMM269Grieg Delius PCsreview review review
SOMM270Parry songs v2review review
SOMM271Elgar orch songsreview review review review
SOMM272Parry songs v3review
SOMM273Bright Gipps PCsreview review review
SOMM274Stanford Travelling Companionreview review review
SOMM275The deeper the bluereview
SOMM276Oswald Saint-Saens PCsreview
SOMM278Elgar choral wksreview review review
SOMM279Holst choral wksreview review review review
SOMM280Weill sy2 VCreview
SOMM281Borenstein orch wksreview
SOMM600Massenet songsreview
SOMM601Composers at the Savile Clubreview
SOMM602Haydn pno sons v2review
SOMM607Stanford str qts v3review review review
SOMM609Beach Henriques pno qntsreview
SOMM610British vln sonsreview review
SOMM611Smyth songs & balladsreview
SOMM612Thwaites songs & choral wksreview
SOMM613Mozart pno sons v3review
SOMM614Walton Facades review review
SOMM615Somervell Maudreview review review
SOMM616Harty songsreview
SOMM617Rosa Mysticareview
SOMM618Venables requiemreview review review
SOMM620Hoffmeister Flute v1 review
SOMM621British song v1 review review
SOMM622Dyson pno wksreview
SOMM623Stanford quintetreview review
SOMM625Entente musicale review review
SOMM626Belle epoquereview
SOMM627Stanford songsreview
SOMM630Dreams meltingreview
SOMM634Dussek sonatasreview
SOMM635Manhattan to Montmartre review
SOMM636British song v2review review
SOMM639Nightlightreview review
SOMM640Arnold Centenary celebrationreview
SOMM641Gipps clarinet chmbr wksreview review
SOMM642Korngold chmbr wksreview
SOMM644Lockdown bluesreview
SOMM645Bottesini quintets review
SOMM646British song v3review
SOMM648Mozart pno sons v5review
SOMM649King Gloucester Cathedralreview
SOMM650Beethoven sy5 pno duetreview
SOMM653Eclogue review review
SOMM654On this shining nightreview
SOMM655Stanford Children’s songsreview
SOMM656VW Holst str qtsreview review
SOMM659Dodgson songs v1review
SOMM662Matthew-Walker pno wksreview
SOMM665McElroy songsreview
SOMM667Leighton Living creaturereview review review review
SOMM668Folk songs British Islesreview
SOMM670Schubert songs Partridgereview review review
SOMM674Medtner in Englandreview
SOMM675Cordelia Williams (pno) recitalreview review
SOMM676Handel Total Eclipse chamber musicreview
SOMM678Blake orchestral worksreview
SOMM681Stanford Irish songsreview
SOMM682Bizet L’Arlésienne complete stage musicreview
SOMM683Vaughan Williams: A Birthday Garlandreview review
SOMM684Dodgson Mirage Piano Musicreview
SOMM685The Pre-Raphaelite Celloreview