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ROP4042Bach Christmas oratorioreview
ROP6036Telemann Der tagreview
ROP6044Dvorak biblical songsreview
ROP6074Ein Feste Burgreview
ROP6090/1Bach St Mark passionreview
ROP6095Joy and Gladness in Abundancereview
ROP6097Hassler choral wksreview
ROP6105Bach Sandstrom motetsreview
ROP6106Ockeghem massreview
ROP6107Baroque passionreview
ROP6110Franck Seven last wordsreview
ROP6111Martin massreview
ROP6117Organs St Thomasreview
ROP6118Caldara Salve reginareview
ROP6119Faure messereview
ROP6121/2Dresden passionreview
ROP6125Festival lessons & carolsreview
ROP6126Reger choral wksreview
ROP6127Reger choral wks v2review
ROP6128Adventslieder review
ROP6132Laudes organireview
ROP6133Reger songsreview
ROP6138Barber The loversreview
ROP6139Laudazioni Marianreview
ROP6142Cherubini requiem review
ROP6152Bach Sandstrom motets v2review
ROP6154Bach Ascension oratorioreview
ROP6159Dresdner Weihnacht review
ROP6160Silbermann organreview
ROP6162/3Bach St John passionreview
ROP6167Korngold liebereview
ROP6178Bach organ wksreview
ROP6179Cherubini choral wksreview
ROP6181Gounod massesreview
ROP6182Schubert Winterreise review
ROP6185Concertos per organoreview review
ROP6193Echoes of peacereview
ROP6196Verdi requiemreview
ROP6202Humperdinck Wette songs review
ROP6211Mozart requiemreview
ROP6241Strauss choral arrsreview
ROP7019/20Rosenmuller Marienvesperreview
ROP7021/2Schutz 1648review
ROP7023Bigaglia misererereview
ROP8001Ludford Lady massreview
ROP8002 Tudor Christmasreview