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RIC102Flemish polyphonyreview
RIC107Time of Monteverdireview
RIC220Flutes d’Angleterrereview
RIC232Violino oder Geigereview
RIC243Chansons de troubadoursreview
RIC244Boccherini stabat materreview
RIC245Charpentier massreview
RIC259Choral wks by A & G Gabrielireview
RIC263Gossec Trois grandes sysreview
RIC311Musicalische Exequienreview
RIC312Un camino de Santiagoreview
RIC313Giorgi ave mariareview
RIC314Telemann bassoon chamber wksreview
RIC315Haydn baryton triosreview
RIC316Ciconia Opera omniareview
RIC320Il Concerto delle Viole Barberinireview
RIC322Monteverdi massreview review
RIC323Wedding cantatasreview
RIC324Franck pieces posthumesreview
RIC325Willaert vespersreview
RIC326Vitali ciaconnareview
RIC328Love, Revelry and Dancereview
RIC331Chansons madrigalsreview
RIC333Birth of the violinreview
RIC334Carmina Latinareview
RIC339Holborne Fruit of lovereview
RIC340Nuits Occitanesreview
RIC342Zamponi Ulissereview
RIC343Gesualdo Cantiones review
RIC344Passion resurrectionreview
RIC346Cavalli Elenareview
RIC351Lekeu complete wksreview
RIC354Sulla lirareview
RIC356Legrenzi sonatereview
RIC357Parisian syreview
RIC363Rameau La templereview
RIC365de Lantins secular wksreview
RIC366Lescurel love songsreview
RIC367Bertali la Maddalenareview
RIC369Weckmann complete wksreview
RIC370Lassus canticumreview
RIC371Madrigali diminuiti review
RIC374Heritage of Monteverdireview
RIC375Telemann portraitreview
RIC376Ein feste Burgreview
RIC378A Scarlatti passionreview
RIC379Marais collectionreview
RIC380Tinctoris consolations review
RIC381Boismortier sonatas review
RIC382La belle vielleuse review
RIC383Hildegard Ego sum homoreview
RIC384Gibbons fancies review
RIC386Think subtilior review
RIC387Couperin muses review
RIC392Arcadelt madrigalsreview
RIC393Erlebach trio sonatasreview
RIC394Scheidemann Scheidt keybd wksreview
RIC395Ganassi Fontegara review
RIC396Scarlatti cantatasreview
RIC397Telemann trumpet/hornreview
RIC398Chedeville saisonsreview
RIC400Praetorius Schild organ wksreview
RIC401Bach family cantatasreview
RIC403Josquin chansonsreview review
RIC404Four violins Venicereview
RIC410Cor Europaereview
RIC414Tartini VCsreview
RIC415Nun danketreview review
RIC416Devienne Trios review review
RIC417Beethoven Mozart chmaber arrsreview
RIC418Hammerschmidt Jesus review review
RIC419Cavalieri inalto review
RIC422Scarlattis sonatereview
RIC425Dowland A fancyreview
RIC426Goldberg sonatas review
RIC428Buffardin sonatas review
RIC431Leclair vln sonsreview
RIC433Stylus luxurians review
RIC435Correa de Arauxo Libroreview
RIC436Josquin Tant vous animereview
RIC439Fastes de la Grande Écuriereview
RIC444O Jesuleinreview
RIC445Ein deutsches Barockrequiemreview
RIC452Le parfaict danserreview
RIC454van Helmont tenebresreview
RIC455Luzzasco Luzzaschi Il Concerto Segretoreview
RIC458Les Hautbois à la Chambre du Roireview
RIC573JB Bach overturesreview