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PRCD2006Hambe Till undrans land Songs for orch
PRCD2010Cantus sororumreview review
PRCD2011N Lindberg choral worksreview
PRCD2021Videte Miraculumreview
PRSACD2023Lindberg Swedish folk arrsreview
PRCD2024Organo Classico – organ musicreview
PRCD2026Gaude Birgittareview
PRCD2027Lindberg Christmas cantatareview
PRCD2029Jennefelt Villarosa choral worksreview
PRSACD2035Light of Christmasreview
PRSACD2037Soavi accentireview
PRSACD2038Nox lucis – medieval chants for Christmasreview
PRSACD2039Bach i Alemreview
PRCD2044Roman Swedish virtusosoreview
PRCD2050December Laudesreview
PRCD2056Bach vln sonsreview
PRCD2061Magle like a flamereview
PRCD2065Bach St John passionreview
PRCD2066Bach motetsreview
PRCD2068Lamb Nightingalereview
PRCD2074Lamb Through the mirrorreview
PRCD2078Paganini triosreview
PRCD2083Fragile phrasesreview
PRCD2094Villa-Lobos gtr wksreview
PRCD2301Charpentier Sacred Choral Musicreview
PRSACD7742The birds & the springsreview
PRCD9008Cvon Otter debut recitalreview review
PRCD9024Winds from the Baltic. Englund Rasmussen Kappreview
PRCD9038Piano music by Swedish composersreview
PRCD9052Quietude. Recital Rolf Lindbloom (pno)review
PRCD9053Josephson & Hägg piano musicreview
PRSACD9057Saint-Saens Christmas oratorioreview
PRCD9064Holewa piano worksreview
PRCD9073Nightfall. Close-ups of Käbi Laretei (pno)review
PRSACD9086Olsson requiemreview
PRSACD9093Now the green blade risethreview
PRCD9111Jeisler organ worksreview review
PRCD9113Exil. Home-elsewhere – Käbi Laretei (pno)review
PRCD9114Wikmanson String Quartetsreview
PRCG9117/18Sjögren Vln Sonatas 1-4review
PRCD9122Johanson music for choir & for piano
PRCD9127Peterson-Berger vln cello & orch musicreview