Preiser Records

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20017Verdi Rigolettoreview
20061Saint-Saens Samson et Delilahreview
89112Hans Reinmar (bar)review
89157Mercedes Capsirreview
89521Elisabeth Ohms (sop)review
89548Göta Ljungberg (sop)review
89549Maartje Offers (contralto)review
89559Blanche Thebomreview
89561Gladys Swarthoutreview
89575Giovanni Zenatello IIreview
89576Lawrence Tibbettreview review
89578Maria Galvanyreview
89580Giulio Nerireview
89588Ivan Petrovreview
89589Jennie Tourelreview
89590Paul Schofflerreview
89593Zinka Milanovreview
89594Tito Schipa v4review
89597Fernando Corenareview
89598Victoria de los Angelesreview
89606Rudolf Laubenthalreview
89601Alfred Piccaver v2review
89607Titta Rufforeview
89610Raphael Ariereview
89612Magda Oliveroreview
89670Maria von Ilosvayreview
89671Mario Filippeschireview
89672Emmy Bettendorfreview
89673Ludwig Weberreview
89675Rose Bamptonreview
89676Michael Bohnen v3review
89680Giacinto Prandelli IIreview
89685Amedeo Bassireview
89686Walter Kirchhoffreview
89687Carl Braunreview
89688Claire Dux ariasreview
89705Marko Rothmullerreview
89706Nan Merrimanreview
89707Ezio Pinza Vol. Vreview
89740Albert da Costareview
89741Kurt Baumreview
89940Wagnerian tenorsreview
89973Four Austrian Sopranos of the Pastreview
90027Zarah Leander Die ersten Jahrereview
90499Wagner Strauss Clement Kraussreview
90528Schubert liederreview
90536Mahler song cyclesreview
90550Erich Kunzreview review
90567Mittler liederreview
90573Schillings Mona Lisareview
90574Shaporin The Decembristsreview
90579Herbert Alsenreview
90580George Londonreview
90593Dvorak pno triosreview
90595RimskyK pno trioreview
90596Ravel Rachmaninov pno trioreview
90597Oistrakh trioreview
90603Wagner Lohengrinreview
90655Rimsky-K Sadkoreview
90669Mashler sy1 Horensteinreview
90730Mahler sy 1 Kletzkireview
90746Bruckner sy5review
90755Strauss Berg lieder IIdareview
90760Mozart sinf conc, VC4review
90762Mozart Don Giovannireview
90766O sole mioreview
90767Torna a surrientoreview
90773Beethoven sy9review
90802Tauber Leharreview
90807Mahler liederreview
93436Peter Andersreview
93443Gottlieb Frick ariasreview
93444Schwarzkopf Mozart ariasreview
93445Josef Herrmannreview
93462Roland Hayesreview
93475Gustav Neidlingerreview
93482Young Alfredo Krausreview
93484Verdi tributereview
93486Gino Marinuzzireview
94388Corelli v1review
95002Heinrich Neuhaus (piano) From the Archivesreview