Phoenix (USA)

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PHCD145Holst Savitrireview
PHCD149Copland Creston pno wksreview
PHCD152Bernstein & Rogersreview
PHCD153Arutiunian Vasks VCreview
PHCD154Copland pno duoreview
PHCD155Shostakovich vln vla sonsreview
PHCD156Stravinsky Bartok vln/pnoreview
PHCD157Stravinsky pno wksreview
PHCD159Bronner Vasks vln/orchreview
PHCD160Kernis orch wksreview
PHCD161Music from the holocaustreview
PHCD162Beaser songsreview
PHCD163Rorem chmbr wksreview
PHCD164Bolcom VCreview
PHCD165Kernis VCreview
PHCD166Bartok R Strauss vln sonsreview
PHCD167Rouse trombone concreview
PHCD170Piazzolla Bronner Seasonsreview
PHCD171Harrison McPhee orch wksreview
PHCD172Sessions sysreview
PHCD173Dahl orch wksreview
PHCD174Brant hommagereview
PHCD183Kernis Distant shoresreview
PHCD184Prokofiev vln sonsreview
PHCD185All Americanreview
PHCD186Kaufman brass wksreview
PHCD187Kaufman vocal wksreview