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912Bach St John passionreview
963Tallis Secret gardenreview
972Vla da gambas concsreview
979Bella Minutareview
987Bach cantatasreview
990Handel org concsreview
994Gabrieli canzonireview
1000Bach musical offeringreview
1006Berlin sonatasreview
1007Dolce Napolireview
1013Naples 1795review
1014Bach art of fuguereview
1022Jongen chmbr wksreview
1023Schutz & his legacyreview
1026Fiore cello sonsreview
1032Paris 1804review
1043CPE Bach CCsreview review
1049Narvaev Librosreview
1061Porsile cantatas review
1067Cras chmbr wksreview review
1068Tolbecque Hommage review
1069Dall’abaco cello sons review
1076Jommelli requiem review
1079Vandini complete wksreview
1088Biber Mystery sonatasreview
1109Leuven chansonnier v2 review
1115CPE Bach Himmelfahrtreview
1123Baur chamber musicreview
1124Tourout portraitreview
1127Lusitano Impero – Hidden gems of the Portuguese Baroquereview
1130Handel & Ferrandini Sacred Choral Worksreview
1143de Monte Madrigali spiritualireview