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PDVD1201Richter plays Beethoven & Chopinreview
PDVD1202Richter plays Schumann & Russiansreview
PDVD1205Richter with orchreview
PDVD1207Mozart PCs Richterreview
PDVD1209Debussy & Haydn Richterreview
PACL95001Richter in Sofiareview
PACL95005Brahms vln sons Szeryngreview
PACL95010Seidel Rarereview
PACL95011Haendel Hassidreview
PACD96019Hoover Night Skies orchestral musicreview
PACD96025Richter 50s v6review
PACD96026Stuyvesant String Quartet recitalreview
PACD96028Grumiaux Boston recsreview
PACD96031Hoover Kokopeli piano worksreview
PACD96032Richter Leipzig concert 1963review
PACD96038-40Handel Tamerlanoreview
PACD96042-4Beethoven late str qtsreview
PACD96046-7Richter 50s v7review
PACD96051-2Lost Art of Jacob Lateinerreview
PACD96057Copland before the LPreview
PACD96057Bohemian Qtreview
PACD96061Richter in Brooklynreview
PACD96065-6Art of Josef Gingoldreview
PACD96067Black swansreview
PACD96069 Moyse In Personreview
PACD96073Prokofiev on the airreview
PACD96081-2Lost Art of Jacob Lateiner v2review review
PACD96089Emanuel Feuermann (cello) In Concert 1940-41review
PACD96090The Young Malcolm Fragerreview