Pan Classics

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10108Bach-Liszt transcriptionsreview
10109Weill VCreview
10153Paganini capricesreview
10159Viennese waltzesreview
10280Pallavicino madrigalsreview
10291Telemann Klingende Geographiereview
10295Fritz vln sonsreview
10301Muffat massreview
10307Christmas in Naplesreview
10308Jommelli cantatasreview
10310Ex Viennareview
10311Music of the Habsburg Empirereview
10315Boxberg Sardanapalusreview
10323Lasso Musica Reservatareview
10327Danckerts mass review
10330Cavalli l’Ormindoreview
10342Debussy Poe operasreview review
10343Rossi Song of Solomonreview
10347Rossi Sant’Alessioreview
10348Babell concsreview
10349Aufschnaiter schoralreview
10352Jommelli albumreview
10358Vivaldi per Pisendelreview
10359Zanatta Venezia review
10362Caldara motets review
10365Huppertz Metropolisreview
10370Giacomelli arias review
10371Monteverdi vespersreview
10372Arias for Garghetti review
10376Jommelli passione review
10379Schuster str qtsreview
10382Handel Cecilia odereview
10383Rolla chmbr wksreview
10384Speculation on Bachreview
10387Lonati sonatasreview
10389Caldara Brutusreview
10391Vivaldi Mogulreview
10392Handel Orlandoreview
10394Paisiello ariasreview
10395Marais meets Corellireview
10405Albinoni’s Venicereview
10406Richter flute concsreview
10416Nebra cantatasreview
10425Fux Arias for the emperorreview
10447Caldara Arias for Bassreview
10451Cavalieri Lamentationsreview