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8.111000Brahms sy2 Bruckner sy7 Furtwanglerreview
8.111001Tauber v2review review
8.111003Furtwangler Early recs v2review
8.111004Furtwangler Early recs v3review review
8.111005Furtwangler Early recs v4review review
8.111007Lehar Merry Widowreview review
8.111009Brahms Schumann songs Ferrierreview
8.111010Lehar operetta h’lightsreview review review
8.111011-3Strauss Rosenkavalierreview
8.111014-5Strauss Salomereview
8.111016-7Lehar Land of smilesreview review
8.111018-9Verdi Otelloreview review
8.111022Elgar conducts Elgarreview review
8.111023Chopin preludes Cortotreview review review
8.111026-27Puccini Butterfly Karajanreview
8.111028-29Rossini Turco Italiareview
8.111030-31Puccini Manon Lescautreview review
8.111032Beethoven sy6 Walterreview review review review
8.111033-34Strauss Ariadne auf naxos Capriccioreview
8.111035Chopin Cortot v2 waltzesreview
8.111036-37Strauss Fledermaus Karajanreview
8.111038Brahms German requiem – Karajanreview review
8.111042-44Verdi Aida Perleareview
8.111045Dvorak sy 7 & 8 Talichreview
8.111048Holst Planets VW sy 4 cmpsrsreview review
8.111049/50Verdi requiemreview
8.111051Beethoven Brahms vln sons Milsteinreview
8.111055Landowska treasuryreview review review
8.111056-58Wagner Walkure Furtwanglerreview
8.111060Beethoven sy9 Furtwanglerreview review
8.111061-63Bach WTC2 Landowskareview
8.111065Chopin Cortot v4review
8.111069Piatigorskyreview review review
8.111070Mozart horn concs Brainreview
8.111071-73Borodin Igorreview
8.111078-80Glinka Ivan Susaninreview review
8.111081Songs of the British Isles Ferrierreview review review
8.111082Callas portraitreview
8.111083-85Gounod Faustreview
8.111088Segovia 46 NY 49 London recs v2review review review
8.111089Segovia 1950s American recordings v1review
8.111090Segovia 1950s American recordings v2review review
8.111091Segovia 1950s American recordings v3review review
8.111092Segovia 1950s American recordings v4review review
8.111093Lotte Lehmann lieder v1review
8.111094Lotte Lehmann lieder v2review
8.111095Lotte Lehmann lieder v4review
8.111097Lotte Lehmann lieder v6review
8.111098E Schumann early recsreview review review
8.111099E Schumann lieder 1930-38review
8.111100E Schumann arias 1926-38review
8.111101Gigli v12review review review
8.111102Gigli v13review review
8.111104Gigli v15review
8.111110Gieseking concsreview review
8.111117Moiseiwitsch v11 Chopinreview
8.111118Moiseiwitsch v12 Chopinreview
8.111120Women at the piano v1review review review
8.111124-26Mussorgsky Khovanshchinareview review
8.111128-31Wagner Meistersingers Knappertsbuschreview
8.111132-34Verdi Don carlo Santinireview
8.111136Furtwangler early recs v1review
8.111140Rosa Ponselle v3review
8.111141Rosa Ponselle v4review
8.111142-44Rosa Ponselle US 1939/54review review
8.111145Strauss 4 last songs Schwarzkopfreview
8.111217Women at the piano v3review
8.111218Women at the piano v4review
8.111223Kentner Liszt Balakirevreview
8.111235/6Delibes Lakmereview
8.111237Smetana Ma Vlast Talichreview
8.111239Melchior US recsreview
8.111240/1Verdi Aida Serafinreview
8.111242/3Verdi Rigoletto Karajanreview
8.111244Lotte Lehmann lieder v3review review
8.111245Chopin Cortot v5review
8.111246Oistrakh concsreview
8.111251Beethoven vln sons v1 Fuchsreview
8.111252Beethoven vln sons v2 Fuchsreview
8.111253Beethoven vln sons v3 Fuchsreview
8.111254Strauss Eine Nachtreview review
8.111256Elgar sy1 Elgarreview review
8.111257Strauss II Wiener blutreview
8.111259Milstein Tchaikovskyreview
8.111260Elgar sy2 CC Harrison/Elgarreview review
8.111261Cortot encoresreview
8.111263Arrau Beethoven & Weberreview review
8.111264Dido & Aeneas – Schwarzkopfreview
8.111265Schumann PC Arraureview
8.111266-67Stravinsky Rake’s progressreview review
8.111268-70Massenet Manonreview review
8.111271Brahms Tchaikovsky PCsreview review
8.111272-73Verdi la traviatareview
8.111274Brahms sy1 Klempererreview review
8.111275Callas Puccini heroinesreview
8.111276-77Verdi Rigolettoreview review
8.111278-79Verdi Ballo mascherareview
8.111280-81Verdi Il trovatore Karajanreview review
8.111282Chopin Horowitzreview
8.111283Wagner Brahms Koussevitzkyreview review
8.111284-85Bellini Sonnambula Callasreview review
8.111286Bach Schnabelreview
8.111287Schubert lieder Schwarzkopfreview
8.111288Bach Mozart VCs Heifetzreview
8.111289Rachmaninov PC2 Paganini Rubinsteinreview review
8.111290Prokofiev Peter & wolf Koussevitzkyreview review
8.111291-92Puccini Butterfly de los Angelesreview
8.111294Mozart PCs Schnabelreview
8.111295Bach & Handel arias Ferrierreview review
8.111296Chopin PCs Rubinsteinreview review
8.111297Bach transcr. Stokowskireview
8.111298Brahms sy1 Karajanreview
8.111299Beethoven pno sons Gouldreview
8.111300Mahler Schumann songs Fischer-Dieskaureview review
8.111303Beethoven sy3 Klempererreview review
8.111307Puccini Tabarro Gobbireview review
8.111311-12The best of Gilbert & Sullivanreview
8.111313Segovia 1950s American recordings v5review review
8.111314Segovia 1950s American recordings v6review review
8.111315McCormack edition v5review review
8.111316McCormack edition v6review
8.111317Pizzini orch wksreview
8.111318-19Schmidt arias & songsreview
8.111320-21Verdi Otello Toscaninireview
8.111322-24Verdi Forza destino Callas Serafinreview
8.111325Ghedini L’olmenatareview review
8.111326Hofman acoustic recsreview
8.111327Cortot Chopin Schumannreview
8.111328Puccini Suor angelicareview
8.111329-330Strauss Zigeunerbaronreview
8.111331Dvorak Slavonic dances Talichreview review
8.111332-33Puccini Boheme Callas di Stefanoreview review
8.111334-35Puccini Turandot Callasreview review
8.111336Bartok VC vln son Menuhinreview review
8.111340Neapolitan songs Di Stefanoreview
8.111341Beethoven PC Gouldreview
8.111342Brahms requiem Kempereview review review
8.111343Bartok vln/pnoreview review
8.111344Schubert sys Furtwanglerreview review review
8.111345Sea shanties Leonard Warrenreview
8.111347Della Casa sings Straussreview
8.111348Wagner excerptsreview
8.111349Brahms Mozart VCs De Vitoreview review
8.111350Gilels early recs v1review
8.111353Bach Beethoven Giesekingreview
8.111357Rachmaninov sy3review review
8.111359Tchaikovsky Conus Korngold VCs Heifetzreview review
8.111360-61Menotti Saint of Bleecker Streview
8.111363Lalo sym espagnole Heifetzreview
8.111364Menotti Amahlreview
8.111366Lipatti last recitalreview
8.111367Walton Castelnuovo-T VCs Heifetzreview
8.111376-7Menotti Maria Golovin, VCreview
8.111381Cortot 1929-37review review
8.111386Gilels early recs v3review
8.111393Kajanus conducts Sibelius v1review
8.111394Kajanus conducts Sibelius v2review
8.111395Kajanus conducts Sibelius v3review
8.111396Schumann Grieg PCs Michelangelireview
8.111399Sibelius premieresreview
8.111411Kreisler complete recs v10review
8.111412Kreisler complete recs v11review