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510072Rosalia Chaliareview review
510082Firebirds of parisreview
510102Conchita Supervia v5review
510112Elsie Houstonreview
516012McCormack Patricianreview
520162Leoncavallo Chattertonreview
520232Arrau Early yearsreview
520392Ernst Levy v3review
520412Conchita Supervia v1review
520422Edison legacy v1review
520442Hofmann v8review
520452Complete Vezzani v2review
520462Complete Godowsky v1review
520472Mary Lewisreview
520492Felia Litvinnereview
520502Conchita Supervia v2review review
520512Complete Godowsky v2review
520522Salomea Krushelnytska (complete rec.)review
520532The contralto voicereview
520542Legendary G&T recsreview
520562Marie Delnareview
520582Hofmann v9review
520592Early french tenors v1review
520602Conchita Supervia v3review review
520612Conchita Supervia v4review review
520622Verismo v1review
520682de Gogorzareview
520702Germaine Lubinreview review
520712Frederick Lamond broadcastsreview
520722Ernst Levy v4review
520732Landmarks recorded pianism v1review
520752Landmarks recorded pianism v2review
520772Complete HIna Spanireview
530062The complete Francisco Vinasreview
530072Gounod Faustreview
530082Complete Godowsky v3review
530092Meyerbeer on record 1899-1913review
530102Masse Galatheereview
530112Dawn of recordingreview
530122Meyerbeer on record v2review
530142Edison legacy v2review
530162Koczalski v2review
530172Strauss liederreview
53018219th c Italian tenorsreview
530212Kapell broadcastsreview
530222Rachmaninov dancesreview
540012Century of Chopinreview
540042De Lucia Gramophonereview
540052McCormack Odeonreview
540062Lehmann acoustic recsreview
550012Complete Endrezereview
550022Complete Schonereview
560012Complete Vanni-Marcouxreview
560022Battistini complete recsreview
560032Jorge Bolet v2review review
570012Sidney Fosterreview