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Radio France

FRF066Charpentier mass review
SIG11070Campo str qtsreview
SIG11107 French vln sonsreview review
TEM316061 Grigny organ wksreview


CR03852Martinu Schumann pno qntsreview
CR04382Mahler Lied von der erdereview
CR04392Bloch vln wksreview
CR04932Kraft CCsreview
CR05452Dawn of Czech modernismreview
CR07242Dvorak Biblical songs Smetana ariasreview
CR07292Dvorak songsreview

Rain Worthington

no numberYet still nightreview
no numberShredding glassreview


305.05.03Ries pno sonsreview


RR004Miller Rees devices desiresreview review
RR06Miller 05IXreview


RATD064 Swayreview
RATD109Ritchie sy5review
RATD140Bolcom cabaret songsreview
RATD143Ritchie sy6review


RK2207Hotteterre fl wksreview
RK2208Triste plaisirreview
RK2304/1-2Georgian journeyreview
RK2410Una musa plebeareview
RK2604The Songbook of Anna von Kölnreview
RK2901Wolkenstein love songsreview
RK3401Weichlein musica encaeniareview
RK3402Schultzen recorder sonsreview
RK3403Michael Seelenlustreview
RK3501Trecento vocal wksreview
RK3502Klopstock settingsreview
RK3903Schutz choral wksreview
MA20044Virgo Ceciliareview


RR7805Qt at crossroadsreview
RR7810Lee perc wksreview
RR7813Morris dreamsreview
RR7817Howe clustersreview
RR7845Joyce-Walter terezin cantatareivew
RR7848Toward the lightreview
RR7854Ross through the reedsreview
RR7937To keep the dark awayreview
RR7985Waking the sparrows review
RR8007Busoni late pno wksreview
RR8057Heard againreview


076Blanche Selvareview

Real Sound

RS0510037Vogel orch worksreview
RS0510105Toselli songsreview
RS0520186Mahler Symph 6 T Sanderlingreview


0018Vitae Pomeranorum v2 review
002420th cent Polish qtsreview
0026Boismortier suitesreview
0045Gal vla/pnoreview
0051Franck organ wksreview

Recursive Classics

RC5956731-D Mahler sy5review

Red Bandanna

IA003Wassermann Trilaterusreview

Redcliffe Recordings

RR018Routh Piano Musicreview
RR020British String Quartets v3review review
RR021Routh well tempered pianistreview

Red Note

Rachmaninov sy1review

Red Priest

RP001Priest on the runreview review
RP002Nightmare in Venicereview review
RP003Vivaldi 4 seasons arr.review review
RP004Pirates of the Baroquereview review review
RP005Cello illuminationsreview review
RP006Bach cello stesreview
RP007Bach Only dancingreview
RP008Vivaldi Handel recorder concs sonsreview review
RP009English nightingalereview
RP010Shine and shadereview review
RP011Recorder bravurareview
RP012Handel in the windreview review
RP013Wild Men of the Seicentoreview


TK435Richter Lotusreview
TK496Remix 20Creview
TK543Smith Dark Flowerreview


CRJR01Reeman orchestral worksreview


CR1896Toscanini rehearses Verdi’s Aida – Acts 1 and 2 NBCSOreview
CR1902Offenbach Hoffmans Erzahlungen (Les Contes d’Hoffman)review
CR1903Dvorak Rusalka SK Dresden/Keilberth 1948review
CR1908Bizet Carmenreview
CR900012Dvorak & Arensky Piano Triosreview
CR991044Rimsky-Korsakov May Nightreview
CR991045Tchaikovsky Symph 1review
CR991047Shostakovich Symph 10review
CR991048Liszt Wagner Schubert R Strauss orch worksreview
CR991049Rimsky-Korsakov Snow Maidenreview
CR991050Tchaikovsky Symph 3review
CR991051Tchaikovsky Symph 5review
CR991052Sibelius VC & tone poemsreview
CR991053Sviridov & Gavrilin choral and orch woprksreview
CR991054Tchaikovsky Cherevichki (The Slippers)review
CR991055Tchaikovsky Symph 2 review
CR991056Shostakovich Symph 8review
CR991058Khrennikov VC1 VC2 PC2 PC3 Repin Kissin Vengerovreview
CR991059Dargomyzhsky Russalkareview
CR991060Tchaikovsky Symph 6review
CR991061Tchaikovsky Manfred Symphreview
CR991062Rachmaninov Symph 2 etc.review
CR991063Bruckner Symph 8 Fedoseyevreview
CR991064B Tchaikovsky & Kollontai orch worksreview
CR991065Boris Tchaikovsky Cello Conc & othersreview
CR991067Tchaikovsky Pique Damereview
CR991070Mahler Symph 5review
CR991072Mahler sy9review
CR991074Tchaikovsky Iolantareview
CR991079Shostakovich sy7review
CR991081Shostakovich sy13review
CR991089Beethoven sysreview
CR991090Viktor Simonreview
CR991091Tribute to Boris Tchaikovskyreview
CR991096Sviridov choral wksreview


no numberChristmas classicsreview


RN10001La pazzareview

Retrospective (not the Nostalgia label)

8400Vln sonatas Rostalreview
93185Tchaikovsky sy3 Boultreview
93651Concs Elman Nelsovareview

Retrospect Opera

RO001Smyth Boatswain’s matereview review
RO002Solomon Burnand Pickwickreview review
RO003Christmas Gambolsreview
RO005Loder Raymond Agnesreview review
RO006Dibdin Jubileereview
RO007Smyth Fete galantereview review
RO008Dibdin Wagsreview
RO009Macfarren Soldier’s legacyreview review
RO010Rodwell Jack Sheppard. Melodrama/operareview
RO011Stanford Shamus O’Brienreview


RV10092 Dvorak pno qntsreview

Revitalized Classics

Melba’s farewellreview
Pavarotti’s debutreview


RDS002Strahan str qt, clar qntreview
RDS003Strahan Rose of the Bay songsreview
RDS004Strahan Take mereview
RDS005Strahan Past Life Recall versereview
RDS007Strahan pno trioreview
RDS008Strahan Australian arkreview
RDS009Strahan Atlantis varsreview
RDS010Strahan clar concreview
RDS011Strahan jazz suitereview
AJM1314Fancy thatreview review

Riga Saxophone Quartet

no numberSong and dancereview


RVRCD66Walker chamber & ensemble worksreview
RVRCD77Wilson str qtsreview
RVRCD82Wilson str qtsreview

Riverside Symphony Records

RS1401 Constant orch wksreview


no numberTchaikovsky sy5review
LPOFFCD00211Offenbach Marireview review

RMN Classical

RMN70709 Field orch wksreview

Roberts Wesleyan College

1044My eternal kingreview


RDD000Bonne chansonreview
RDD001Vierne Ravel songsreview

Ronald Senator

RS1962Senator Spring changesreview

Rosa Classics

ROP7004Rutter Magnificatreview

Rotterdam Philharmonic Vintage

no numberMahler sys 6 & 8review

Round Top Records

RTR013Shostakovich Faure pno qntsreview
RTR015Clarinet qntsreview

Roven Records

RR10017 Filharmonia brass plays Williamsreview

Royal Academy of Music

RAM034Strauss wind ensreview

Royal Flemish Philharmonic

RFP001Strauss Alpine syreview
RFP002Meulemans concs for orchreview review
RFP003Hendrickx orch wksreview
RFP004Mahler sy1review
RFP010van Hove PCsreview
RFP011Hendrickx sy1review
RFP013Benoit Tetralogy review

Royal Opera House

ROHS003Verdi Don Carloreview
ROHS004Strauss Elektrareview
ROHS005Puccini Toscareview
ROHS006Puccini Madame Butterflyreview
ROHS007Mozart Don Giovannireview
ROHS008Wagner Meistersingersreview
ROHS009Verdi Un balloreview
ROHS010Gluck Alcestereview
ROHS011Verdi Trovatorereview

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

SP005Mozart wind concsreview
SP006Tchaikovsky Nutcrackerreview
SP012Gershwin pno/orchreview
SP013Beethoven PCsreview
SP014Schumann sysreview
SP015Spanish gtrreview
SP017Best of Bondreview
RPO017CDGolden age of Hollywoodreview
SP018Mozart 2 PCsreview
SP019American classicsreview
RPO022CDGolden age of Hollywood 2review
SP045Polish VCsreview
SP052Karlowicz orch wksreview
SP054 Haydn massesreview
SP056Ryu orch wksreview

RP Music

RP001Peter Katin – Fifty years of music makingreview

RTVE Música

65149Carlos Alvarezreview
65162Zarzuela en Conciertoreview
65169Chapí Margarita la tornerareview
65171Puccini Turandotreview
65270Misa pastorelareview
65272Santander festival 2006review
65280Voces de Zarzuelareview

Rubato Records

RRL1104UCPE Bach kybd wksreview

Rubedo Canis Musica

RCM12007Colors Pollackreview
RCM19801Baxh chbr wks for harpreview

Rubicon Classics

RCD1004 Before the ending of the dayreview
RCD1010Beethoven vln sons v1review
RCD1018Graziani sonatasreview
RCD1021Momento Gimadieva review
RCD1022Schumann pno wksreview
RCD1024Wolf-Ferrari I quatro rusteghireview
RCD1032Amner consort musicreview
RCD1025Schubert sy9review
RCD1042Chopin etudesreview
RCD1043Schoenberg Verklarte nacht review
RCD1045Beethoven str qtsreview
RCD1048Faure Brahms pno triosreview review
RCD1055Sibelius sysreview
RCD1086Schubert Die schöne Müllerinreview
RCD1098British str qtsreview
RCD1100Hughes Oratorio Dewi Santreview
RCD1107Korngold Coll & Brahms Piano Triosreview
RCD1108Nuit joirreview
RCD1113Sofya Melikyan (piano) Présence lointaine. Spanish & French worksreview

Russian Compact Disc

13001Russian choir schoolreview
13005Sviridov choral wksreview
16211Brahms VC Eduard Grachreview
16212Grach sonatasreview
16223Bach vln sons Galina Barinovareview
16231Bach WTCreview
16245Beethoven pno sons Neuhausreview
16246Brahms Schumann Neuhausreview
16248Chopin pno wksreview
16253Russian vln sons Grigory Feiginreview
16279Igor Politovskyreview
25106Pepping sy2 Furtwanglerreview
26861Czech film melodies v1review
30109Chopin etudesreview
30110Chopin Liszt pno wksreview
30111Genin In C Estreview
70023Smetana & Dvorak String Quartetsreview

Russian Disc

RCD00768Taktakishvili orch wksreview