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CD2027Nilla Pierroureview review
CD2028Soderstrom organreview
CD2030Nilla Pierrou v2review review
CD2035Pierrou recital review
CD2039Delman archives review

Oberlin Music

CD1601Dvorak Shostakovich triosreview


CD706Cantiones sacrae 1575review
CD707Taverner Imperatrixreview
CD712Spy’s choirbookreview
CD716Tallis Queen Katherinereview
CD719Brumel lamentationsreview
CD720Scarlatti vln sonsreview


Glass pno wksreview

Oculum Productions

2020Jennings Weardalereview

Odyssey Opera

1005Saint-Saens Henry VIIIreview

Offspring Bites

3En massereview

OK Mozart

001The brothers Kreislerreview

Olde Focus Recordings

FCR901Bertali sonatasreview
FRC921Galant David Rizzioreview

Olive Music

OM004Consort songsreview
OM008Marchand Livre de pièces de clavecinreview


OCD663Shebalin str qts v1review
OCD664Shebalin str qts v2review
OCD665Shebalin str qts v3review

Omnibus Classics

CC5003Ball VCreview
CC5004Ridout str qtsreview


OC41RTEarly ragtimereview
OC19122B Joplin rags etcreview
OC21024B Chopin pno sonreview


024101Cohler on clarinetreview
024102More Cohler on clarinetreview
024103Solo vln Kalerreview
024107Bach Goldbergsreview
024108Bach partitas v1review
024109Bach partitas v2review
024112Alpher American reflectionsreview
024113Bach WTC Bk1review
024114Once upon a timereview
024115Bach WTC Bk2review
024119Messiaen Qt end of timereview
024120Vento chiaro – wind qntsreview
024122Clarinet triosreview
024125American tributereview
024126Weber clar concsreview
024128Mozart clarinet concreview

Onmusic Recordings

7488Intimate Barriosreview
no numberTerrunoreview

Opera Australia

OPOZ56002BDMozart Figaroreview
OPOZ56007CDMeyerbeer Huguenotsreview
OPOZ56009DVDVerdi Rigolettoreview
OPOZ56012CDDelibes Lakmereview
OPOZ56014DVDSullivan Mikadoreview
OPOZ56017DVDPuccini La bohemereview
OPOZ56020DVDDelibes Lakmereview
OPOZ56026DVDStrauss Rosenkavalierreview
OPOZ56029DVDVerdi Traviatareview
OPOZ56043BDBizet Carmenreview

Opera d’Oro

OPD1270Massenet Manonreview
OPD1504Wagner ring cyclereview
OPD7077Bizet Docteur Miraclereview
OPD7080Mozart Don Giovannireview
OPD7086Wagner Lohengrinreview

Opera Fanatic

OF5Verdi Trovatorereview

Opera Omnia

393Brahms & Mahler songsreview
OP1751Schubert Schone Mullerinreview
OP2840Mahler songsreview
OP3869Schubert Winterreisereview

Opera Spanga

FFDOC29Saint-Saens Samson & Delilahreview

OPMC Classics

OPMC001Stravinsky balletsreview
OPMC002Ravel Daphnisreview
OPMC003RimskyK Sheherezadereview
OPMC005Shostakovich sy11review

OPNL Guillou

OPNL2010Guillou org concreview

Opus 111

OP3032514thC Festive music for the Visconti courtreview
OP30340Vivaldi Mottettireview
OP30365Vivaldi La verità in cimentoreview
OP30382Cavalli Statirareview
OP30383Vivaldi Musica Sacra v4review

Opus One

CD183Robb sy1review
CD187Robb PCreview
CD191Robb Hispanic songsreview

Orchard Road

no numberCuriale Awakeningreview


CD2018Bruckner sy5review
CD2019Bruckner sy4review

Orchestral Concert CDs

CD1/2008Dvorak sy9 Brno POreview review review
CD2/2008Prague SOreview review review
CD3/2009Vln sons Campoli Katinreview review review review
CD4/2009Czech trioreview review
CD5/2009Brahms sy1 Ferencsikreview review
CD6/2009Bruckner sy7review review
CD7/2009Suk Asrael syreview review
CD8/2009Bach Mozart Haydnreview review
CD9/2009Dvorak CCreview review
CD10/2010Dvorak sy8review review
CD11/2010Chopin Peter Katinreview
CD12/2011Britten VC Tchaikovsky sy4review review review
CD13/2011Haydn sy88 Masurreview review
CD14/2011Shostakovich sy10review review review
CD15/2016Rowicki Warsawreview review review review

ORF Edition Alte Musik

CD389As I walked forthreview
CD479By yon bonnie banksreview
SACD3008L’Europe reuniereview
SACD3052Bach motetsreview


ORG001Kuhnau sonatasreview
ORG006NZ org musicreview
ORG007Brumel earthquake massreview
ORG008Keeble voluntariesreview


OGM250061Mendelssohn org sonsreview
OGM250078Organ mass Freiburg Domreview
OGM251129Bach organ wksreview
OGM253017Bach organ wksreview
OGM261029Claviermusik des Barockreview
OGM261098Franck syreview
OGM261128Mozart Epistle organ sonatasreview
OGM271011Matheu Boschreview
OGM292016Muffat apparatusreview


OR0004Insects bugsreview
OR0011Popular Renaissance organreview
OR0012Night thoughtsreview
OR0015Debussy Imagesreview
OR0029Andersson Mereview
OR0040As you like itreview
OR0042Masarat review

Orphee Classics

5902205589098 Bortkiewicz songs review

Orphee Productions

OP1102Chamouard sy1review
OA1104Chamouard sy3review


OR3012-9720 Novak Brahms Schumann pno varsreview
OR3906-1811French harpsichordreview
OR3906-1828Liszt pno wksreview
OR2020-1759Voices of our timereview

Orquestra Barroca de Sevilla

OBS002Scarlatti salve reginareview
OBS005Haydn sysreview


OSCLY001Rachmaninov sy2review

Other Minds

OM10012Stravinsky pianolareview


OTRC30973Duo Macondoreview

Outhere Rewind

REW503Nobody’s jigreview
REW505Strauss waltzesreview

Out of Time

OUT960CDBach cello suitesreview


001Favourite encoresreview


OX2011Vinyl celloreview
OX2012After reading Shakespearereview


OXCD101More sweet to hearreview
OXCD121Anthems & motetsreview
OXCD123Goode Anthemsreview
OXCD129Wesley church musicreview
OXCD135On Christmas nightreview review
OXCD147Love bade me welcomereview