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Hadjukino Productions

Butterworth filmreview

Hampton Road Classics

011Berlioz requiemreview

Handmedown Music

HMDCD101Anthony sax concreview

Hardy Video

HCD4009Wagner Tristan und Isoldereview
HCD4026Puccini Rondinereview

Harold Craxton Trust

HCRAX1Craxton collectionreview

Harp and Company

CD505006Damase harp & string orchreview
CD505012Marcel Nocturne, sonatasreview
CD505021Smit Tansman chbr wksreview
CD505023Cardon French school v2review
CD505024Cras harp musicreview
CD505032Lefevre harp & clarinetreview
CD505034Hasselmans harp wksreview
CD505035Bochsa harp & clarinetreview
CD505036Girard harp wksreview
CD505039In the light of Ravelreview
CD505046Lewis harp wksreview
CD505051Segal Harp and Bassoon ‘On the Roof’review


HATN155Feldman trio review
HATN172Stockhausen Klavierstuckereview
HATN192Fox pno wksreview
HATN193Stockhausen Beethoven pno wksreview
HATN194Ustvolskaya chmbr wksreview
HATN200Hope riversreview review
HATN201Im Hellenreview
HATN202Wegmann Soufflereview
HATN204Feldman Patternsreview
HATN205Feldman Pianoreview
HATN206Feldman Atlantisreview review
HATN211Fox topophony review
HATN216Hauser labratorio review

Haydn House

CDSDA2001-270Piston sy6review

Heart Dance Records

HDR20066 Starling Ninareview

Hedone Records

HCD16001Granados Franck vln sonsreview


HE1044American Music for 2 Pianos & Orch.review
029623Bloch sacred servicereview
029660Beethoven sy7review
029665Schoenberg Pelleasreview


02007Strauss waltzesreview


HAVPCD232Nelson funeralreview
HAVPCD289Abendlied 19th c. German part-songsreview review
HAVPCD295Estorninho Requiemreview
HAVPCD305Tallis motetsreview
HAVPCD308Rosa mysticareview
HAVPCD311My own countryreview
HAVPCD323I was gladreview
HAVPCD351Coeperunt loquireview
HAVPCD354Bliss of solitudereview
HAVPCD371Guildford cathedral organreview
HAVPCD377Golden jubileereview
HAVPCD382Buxtehude membrareview
HAVPCD399Stainer crucifixionreview
HAVPCD404Deep withinreview


014Sleep songsreview
015Transcendentalistreview review
016Wexford carolsreview
017Doyle time machinereview
025Red book of Ossoryreview review
028Citadel of songreview


no numberHenderickx Disappearingreview
HMES002Triptych review

Hester Park

CD7707Daydream dancesreview

Higher Octave Music

HOMCD13138Sacred Spirit presents Classical Spiritreview


HSP005Valente Erdasreview
HSP006Tartini CPE Bach sonatasreview
HSP007Ovni Baroquereview review

HN Productions

Lisztomania v1review


7001834Marschner Vampyrreview review

Hot Records

HOT1100Man with the golden cornetreview

Howe Records

HWR1003Shore collection v1review
HWR1005Shore LOTR syreview
HWR1007Shore Hugoreview
HWR1020Shore Palacereview


HS071027O magnum mysteriumreview review
HS091028 Organ music at Cliftonreview
HS180618 L Berkeley complete pno wksreview
HS190205Koechlin Chants 2nd seriesreview
HS190206 Koechlin Chantsreview
HS190207Koechlin Chants 3rd seriesreview
HS200316 Erebus Ens at Clifton Festivalreview
HS502622 Lochrian lollipopsreview
HS970802 Gaudetereview

HRT (Croatian Radio & TV)

HRT048Cecchini Neboreview


2CR04812I am waitingreview

Huddersfield Contemporary Records

HCR25CD Lim Singing in tonguesreview

Hugo Vox

001Telemann suitesreview

Humming Records

HUM001CD Pook Drawing lifereview


013Magic islandreview
014Live in concertreview

Hyphen Press

HPM004Italy vs Francereview
HPM009Venice to Hamburgreview