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GL100595Gluck Iphigénie en Tauridereview
GL100624Nilsson raritiesreview
GL100631Massenet Heriodiadereview
GL100678Art of Anna Mofforeview
GL100727Puccini La Bohème NY Metreview
GL100733Flotow Alessandro Stradellareview
GL100784Verdi Falstaffreview
GL100785Smetana Daliborreview
GL100786Offenbach La Pericholereview
GL100793Verdi Un giorno di regnoreview
GL100805Songs Inge Borkhreview
GL100810Smetana Bartered bridereview

Galles Music

GMCCD1002A giftreview


CD842François Le Roux (bar) Schoeck Durey Barberreview
CD866Flury pno qntreview
CD1087Brahms Bruch VCs Erduranreview
CD1248Vln sons Bagdasarjanzreview
CD1249Schoeck vln sonsreview
CD1250Schoeck Glazunov VCsreview
CD1251Bagdasarjanz v4review
CD1352Bagdasarjanz v5 vln sonsreview
CD1385Flury orch wksreview
CD1403Zbinden pno wksreview
CD1423Flury str qtsreview
CD1463Geneva str qtsreview
CD1500Gerber Bloch str qtsreview
CD1621Beethoven Harmoniumreview
CD1624Flury works for vlnreview

Garrett Fischbach

no numberBach vln sonsreview


GSCD25120thC harpsichord music v1review
GSCD28118thC harpsichord music by women composer v2review
GSCD285Sowash clarinet ch musicreview
GSCD300American Women Composersreview
GSCD330Tate/Husa/Dahl clarinet piecesreview
GSCD335Finzi Song Cyclesreview
GSCD338Violin Music from Polandreview
GSCD355Koukl drops of lightreview
GSCD357Sargon Weill Kurka piano/orch worksreview
GSCD359Raimi Schoenfield Kuss piano & cello worksreview
GSCD360Emily Dickinson in songreview
GSCD361Jalbert chbr wksreview
GSCD362Koukl chbr wksreview
GSCD363Noblevln sonsreview
GSCD364Creative mix flute & percreview
GSCD365Villa-Lobos Rachmaninov cello sonsreview
GSCD367New England legacyreview
GG1004The Art of Yolanda Marcoulescou-Stern (sop) v1review
GG1005The Art of Yolanda Marcoulescou-Stern (sop) v3review
GG1007MacDowell & Griffes piano worksreview review
GG1016Krenek Twelve-tone Miniatures (piano)review
GG1018Bach Goldberg Varreview
GG1024Fine Arts qt 30th annivreview
GG1025Six on tworeview
GSPCD1027Assad gtr wksreview
GSPCD1028Four seasonsreview
GSS2002Bach Handel trumpet & orgreview
GSS2003Mozart Quintet horn & stringsreview


CONSCD003Danish salon musicreview
DBCD2012French impressionsreview

GB Records

BCGCD04Bryars A Man in a Room, Gamblingreview
BCGCD05Bryars Oi me lassoreview
BCGCD06Cadmium redreview
BCGCD07Bryars Photographyreview
BCGCD11Silva Caledoniareview
BCGCD12Bryars VCreview
BCGCD15Live at Ounktreview
BCGCD16Bryars madrigals v1review
BCGCD17Bryars New Yorkreview
BCGCD19Bryars war in heavenreview
BCGCD21Bryars Sinking of Titanicreview
BCGCD22Bryars Jesus bloodreview
BCGCD23Bryars Hobbes ens piecesreview


JGCD0064Josef Metternichreview

Gega New

GR18Beethoven vln sonsreview
GR25Musical eveningsreview
GD285Cello sons Ivanovreview
GD341Vania Vatralova-Stankovreview


GCD118Raff pno wksreview
GCD119Schulhoff pno wksreview


GFCD000703Fitkin ironicreview
GFCD990901Fitkin flakreview


126049Ritmata – guitar piecesreview

Gift of Music

CDG1155Winter lullabiesreview

GLM Music

FM1572Hot & spicyreview


GLO5206Milhaud a capella wksreview
GLO5220Contemp. music recorder qtreview
GLO5225Gesualdo madrigals Book 5review
GLO5226Gesualdo madrigals Book 6review
GLO5227Divisions & fantasiasreview
GLO5240Palestrina mass Part chor wksreview
GLO5251Thomas Welsh songsreview
GLO5252Part collectionreview
GLO5253Sweelinck art of variationreview
GLO5254Poulenc choral wksreview
GLO5274Fischer Violistereview
GLO6068Schuyt madrigalsreview
GLO6069Hacquart Triumph of lovereview

Globe Music

GM001Songs from our ancestorsreview review

Glor Classics

GC08034Berlioz requiemreview review
GC08081Debussy Le martyrereview
GC08091Poulenc stabat materreview
GC0921120th cent. choral works v2review
GC09231Bruckner sy4review
GC09241Bruckner sy6review
GC09251Bruckner sy9review
GC10321Bruckner sy4 Berlioz massreview
GC10391Bruckner sy3review
GC11421Dvorak sy9review
GC11451Beethoven sy3review
GC11461Beethoven sys 5 & 6review
BC12471Beethoven sys 1 & 7review

Gloriae Dei Cantores (Paraclete)

GDCD016Sowerby choral wksreview
GDCD029Copland Thomson choral wksreview
GDCD031Appalachian sketchesreview
GDCD039Mozart choral wksreview
GDCD041Langlais choral & organ wksreview
GDCD044Messiaen organ wksreview
GDCD052Hovhaness sacred wksreview
GDCD063Rachmaninov vigilreview
GDCD065Part Stabat materreview review
GDCD109Prism – The Choral Artistryreview
GDCD130Rubbra sacred musereview

Glyndebourne Festival

GFOCD01496Handel Theodorareview
GFOCD01510Humperdinck Hansel & Gretelreview
GFOCD01602Bizet Carmenreview
GFOCD01710Britten Billy Buddreview
GFOCD01807Rossini Cenerentolareview
GFOCD01909Wagner Tristan & Isoldereview
GFOCD02111Wagner Meistersingersreview

Golden Melodram

GM50072Donizetti Luciareview

Golden Stage

GSS5427Film noirreview


GLDC5701420th pno wksreview
GLDC57017Paganini varsreview

Gothic Records

G49254White Praise the spiritreview


201Buxtehude 21review

Grand Empirical



GDUR05012Cotton requiemreview

Grand Slam Records

GS2220Bruckner sy9review
GS2266Strauss Furtwanglerreview

Grappa Musikkforlag

GRCD4250Aria – Arve Tellefsenreview

Great Hall

MVTCD006-8Glinka Ruslan Lyudmilareview
MVTCD012-3Glinka Life for the Tsarreview review
MVTCD030-1Rubinstein Demonreview
MVTCD047-8Tchaikovsky Eugene Oneginreview
MVTCD053-4RimskyK Tsar’s bridereview
MVTCD063-5RimskyK Invisible cityreview

Great Opera Performances

GOP66360Respighi La campana sommersareview
GOP66361Complete Martini & Rossi Concerts 1952-6review

Grotto Productions

GP0004Paray Affairsreview
GP0006Paray Artemisreview
GP0007Paray chmbr wksreview
M5170X20th cent. org wksreview


1010CDCry my guitarreview
1029CDDuo erato Musingsreview
1030CDMartin – Angels in the streetreview
1031CDViaggo Italiareview
1034CDVijae Espanareview

Gutman Records