Other D Labels


DAGAMBA100Bach transcribedreview

Dallas SO

DSOLIVE003Tchaikovsky sy4review
DSOLIVE007Mahler sy3review

Daniel Ho Creations

DHC80219Haydn mass, syreview


DEC002Napoleao Solitudereview
DEC004Schubert Winterreise review

Deems Taylor Society

Taylor lost wks v1review

Dehaan Records

WH001Egorov Schuman Debussyreview

De Haske

DHR100153Swerts wind bandreview

Denner Ensemble



CO75500Liszt recitalreview
CO77289Liszt recitalreview
CO78961Bach Goldbergsreview
COCQ83689-93Mozart sonatasreview
COCQ85385Bruckner sy5review

Densité 21

DE001Hersant VCreview
DE002Mache accoustic wksreview
DE003Zavara flashesreview
DE005Hersant collectionreview

De Rode Pomp Gents

GMA002Posman portraitreview
GMA014Pelemans chbr wksreview
GMA041Shostakovich vln, vla sonsreview
GMA061Finzi Hardy songsreview
GMA069/073English pno wksreview

Desiree Records

GAV001Nance Grantreview
GAV002Robert Allmanreview

DE Versluis

DEV VI1010Vierne org sysreview
DEV EQ1016Inventioreview

DGB Records

DGB2802Liszt Harmonies Poètiques et Réligieusesreview

Dharma Gate

66449 35132Reynolds chbr wksreview


DIACD016Wilson stationsreview
DIACD034Terrible beautyreview

Digital Classics

DVDDC10010Testimony Tony Palmerreview
1034DCMessiaen La Nativité du Seigneurreview

Digressione Music

DCTT83Castelnuovo-Tedesco exoticareview
DCTT100 Castelnuovo-Tedesco Dedicationsreview
DCTT138Reimagining ariareview


DRD056Grand hotelreview
DRD224Brahms Rota clar chbr wksreview
DRD225Bruch Beethoven Brahms cl triosreview

Direct to Tape

CODTR2013Scott Quilter pno wksreview
CODTR2014Madrigalists at prayerreview


DISCA002Martelli qtsreview

Discovery Music & Vision

DMV104Gunning concsreview
DMV105Gunning sy5review
DMV1074 girls 4 harpsreview
DMV110Crossing wavesreview
DMV112Gunning sys 6 & 7review
DMV113Gruodis sonatasreview
DMV117Gunning pno trio, sonatareview
DMV119Gunning concsreview

Discrete Recordings

DISC0701Bax Elgar str qtsreview

Disques Boghei

17BOGHEI01 Couture Fatima review

Disques Dom

DOM11012Mehul La legende Josephreview

Disquiet Media

DQM01van der Aa Blankreview
DQM02van der Aa Herereview

Dissonances Records

LD004Brahms sy4 VCreview
LD007/810th anniversaryreview
LD009Shostakovich sy5 CC1review


CDX29810Haydn str qtsreview
CDX70207Foggia psalmodiareview
CDX70309/10-6Merula organ wks v1review
CDX70505Serenissime sonatereview
CDX71602Froberger kybd wksreview
CDX79404Vivaldi 4 seasonsreview


LC12281Wagner ring cyclereview
203300Mozart complete sysreview
223513Smetana collectionreview
233314Sibelius collectionreview
233316British symphonic collectionreview
233588Solti vitality charismareview
233590Ferrier collectionreview
233594Reger orch wksreview
233617Verdi great operasreview
600017Melchior heroreview
600030Schubert cycles DFDreview
600034Bjorling Swedish Carusoreview
600038Rafael Kubelik masterpiecesreview
600044Simoneau collectionreview
600045Boult Lord of the Promsreview
600047Britten 100review
600158Russian mastersreview
600159Leonie Rysanek boxsetreview
600175Cortot boxsetreview
600188Modl opera boxsetreview
600215Elizabeth Grummer collectionreview
600223Tchaikovsky anniversary collectionreview


NNVG146510Note by notereview


CV103van Baaren orch wksreview
CV134de Vries King ridingreview


DRC3044Martin CCreview
DRC4024Moscheles Hiller Litolff pCsreview
DRC5024Ibarro pno sonsreview
DRC5026Bonis songsreview
DRC5038Le Charme de la vieille Europereview

Drama Musica

DRAMA006 Affetti barocchireview
DRAMA007Bon flute sonsreview
DRAMA008Donna Barocche review
DRAMA010Beatles love Bachreview
DRAMA012Beatles on organreview review

Dreyer Gaido

21100Rachmaninov sy1review
21102Senderovas strings review


6.220580-2Mozart Mitridatereview


DUC045-7Mercadante I due Figaroreview review

Due Punta Classica

DP1Coluccino Geminareview

Dutch Record Company

DRC131015Beethoven Ysaye str triosreview

DWG Music

101Waghalter str qtsreview